10 Eye-opening Things Your Blood Type Says About You

It turns out, not all blood is the same.

While we all have red blood (goodbye, blue-blood myth!) it is divided into four different types.

Blood owes its red color to red blood cells, and each of them contains a specific type of antigens—a substance made of sugars. To know your blood type, doctors examine what kind of antigen is within your blood cells.

The A blood type only has A antigens, the B blood type displays the B antigen, AB folks have both, and the O population has neither.

Your blood can also contain the Rhesus factor, a particular type of antigen. Having the Rh factor makes your blood positive, and lacking it makes it negative.

If all of this sounds important, it’s because it is. Your blood type says a lot about who you are as a person, and you need to know it. 


10 – Your donor compatibility.

Your donor compatibility

Blood donation is a bit tricky.

The antigens mentioned above, if introduced to a body that does not have them, can trigger a dangerous immunological response. As such, blood donation has to consider antigen compatibility.

For example, someone with Type B blood doesn’t have the A antigen in its body. Subsequently, receiving blood from someone with Type A or AB can have adverse consequences.

Similarly, Rh-negative patients cannot receive blood from Rh-positive folks, as they lack the Rhesus factor.

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