10 Incredible Facts About Peanut Butter

A jar of peanut butter may not be enough as a snack, but you can spare some of it for its other incredible uses (aside from eating it!). Did you know that this smooth paste of roasted peanuts can be used as a lubricator for rusty gears and hinges? And because of its high content in oil, it is also a good solution to remove gum stuck in your hair or in your carpet! You can even use it as a cheaper alternative to a shaving cream or a solution to fix a scratched CD! Truly, it is a miracle product both for consumption and unconventional uses! Find out what more you can do in this list of 10 Incredible Facts About Peanut Butter!

10 – Peanut butter as a protein hair moisturizer

A jar of peanut butter may not be enough for you, but spare a little of this miracle for your hair as well. Because it is rich in protein, peanut butter is a very good protein hair moisturizer that you can actually do on your own! One good DIY recipe for this is by mixing equal parts of mayonnaise and peanut butter. Leave it for 30 minutes to set and rinse and shampoo your hair afterwards. This will leave your hair shiny and strong! Because peanut butter contains Vitamin D, it will help promote hair growth and strengthen the hair.

9 – Peanut butter origin

The peanut butter that we have now has been a favorite spread even generations ago. The earliest known use of peanut butter dates back to the Aztec Indians who made their own peanut butter paste as early as 1300 C.E. Many indigenous tribes in South Africa have already lavished on peanut butter centuries before us. Although, their peanut butter version is different from what we have today because it is healthier (because it did not have any preservatives!) and simpler as well. It was simply a think gooey paste made from roasted peanuts.

8 – Peanut butter as animal medicine

Did you know that cats and dogs love peanut butter? Now you have a competition with that jar! One incredible use of peanut butter is using it as an animal medicine. Because it can be so difficult to get animals to take their medication, especially tablets and pills, most pet owners mix the medicine in a spoonful of peanut butter. And because they love its taste, it will not take you half an hour to feed them the medicine. Aside from that, it will even help improve their coat and make it look shinier!

7 – Peanut butter as fish odor purifier

Have you ever experienced a time when you fried fish and, after cooking, it left an unpleasant fishy odor all over your house? That is sort of embarrassing especially when you have guests coming to your house, right? An incredible solution to that is just a spoonful of peanut butter! All you have to do to eradicate the smell is to drop a tablespoon of peanut butter on the same pan that you used for frying the fish. Just fry this for a good few minutes. Afterwards, you will notice that the unpleasant odor of fish and oil will be gone.

6 – Peanut butter as a lubricator

At first, putting the words peanut butter and lubricator in one sentence may not seem right. But as many people would attest to, peanut butter is actually a good alternative when you are out of lubricator! Although it is not a practical choice to use as lubricator inside the house because it might attract ants, it is a good choice for outdoor uses. You can just simply smear it to rusty blades and hinges to get your gears going!

5 – Peanut butter is a vitamin powerhouse

Peanut butter is a miracle when it comes to those who want to lose weight. But, aside from that, peanut butter is simply jam-packed with numerous vitamins and health benefits. Just a tablespoon of this snack is enough for your daily consumption of some vitamins. It is rich in Resveratrol, which fights cancer cells; antioxidants; fibre, which promotes bowel movement; minerals like magnesium and folate; and vitamins like Vitamin B3, which promotes healthy skin. Plus, a tablespoon of it only has 94 calories!

4 – Peanut butter as gum remover

Because of the oil in the peanut butter, one of the incredible uses for it is as a gum remover – whether that gum is stuck in your locks, in your carpet, or in your clothes. For a gum stuck in your hair, all you have to do is to smear a small amount of peanut butter into the gum. Set it for a few minutes, then wipe it all off with a damp cloth. Easy! Now, you do not need to resort to cutting your hair or tugging it for hours. That also works for gums in carpets and clothes.

3 – Peanut butter to fix a scratched CD/DVD

Have you ever experienced watching a good movie only to be distracted by all that skips? That happens when your CD has scratches all over it. To fix this, there are a lot of solutions that you can buy in stores (which can also be quite expensive). However, if you do not have one at home, you can also create your own solution by only using a dab of peanut butter! Just rub a little of peanut butter on the scratch and wipe it all off with a dry cloth or towel.

2 – Peanut butter to get rid of ants

Peanut butter attracts ants, especially the grease ants or the protein-loving ants. But, in the same way, peanut butter can also help eliminate these ants in your home! How is that? You can use the peanut butter as a bait to get rid of them for good. One popular recipe of this bait is by mixing 2 tablespoons of peanut butter with 2 tablespoons of honey and half a teaspoon of boric acid powder. Now, your kitchen will not be swarming with ants anymore!

1 – Peanut butter as shaving cream

Have you ever tried using peanut butter as a shaving cream? It may sound absurd but many people are actually doing it (there are even YouTube videos featuring its tutorials!). It is a good alternative for a shaving cream or gel because it is a lot cheaper and it contains oils which are good for the skin. And for women who are shaving their legs, you no longer have to buy moisturizer, too! By using peanut butter, its a shaving cream and moisturizer rolled into one. Just apply it like a normal shaving cream and shave away. It even leaves a mildly sweet after-smell!

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