10 Interesting Facts about the Mouth

Let’s learn some mouth facts if you want to know how the digestion system works. The mouth is one of the essential parts of the human body. It consists of many parts like teeth, saliva gland, and tongue. The digestion process of food begins in your mouth through the presence of saliva. If you want to know more about your mouth, here are some facts and explanation below.

1.Narrow roof

Snoring is not a good habit. We can hardly recognize whether we are snoring or not when we are sleeping. Based on research, the people who have a narrow roof usually will snore. These people can only breathe less oxygen through their nose.


Kissing has so many benefits for your health. One of them is preserving the health of your teeth. When people kiss, the production of saliva will be increased to the mouth. It gives you the natural disposing plaque for your teeth.


As I have stated before, the digestion system begins in your mouth. If you eat the food containing carbs like potato, rice, and burger, the enzyme in the mouth called as amylase will break down the carbohydrate into pieces.

4.Taste zone

You can taste the food, whether it is sour, sweet, or even bitter with the help of your tongue. There is four tastes zone available. The sour zone is situated on the side of the back of your tongue. The bitter zone is located on the back of the ounce. The sweet zone is on the front side of your tongue, while the salt zone is on the sides of the front of your tongue.

5.Transporting the food

The digestion system is a long process and involved several parts of the body. Transporting the food from the mouth to reach the stomach through your esophagus only takes seven seconds.


The next point of mouth facts is about taste bud. Can you tell me the life span of a taste bud? It is only for ten days. The tastebud is not always located under the tongue. It can be on inside your cheek, or even on the roof of your mouth.


It is another snoring issue on mouth facts. Sleeping with a man or woman who always snores will be an uncomfortable activity to do at night. Based on the research, it is stated that one in ten men grinds his ten; while one in eight men snores.

8.Salivary glands

Can you tell the salivary glands owned by a human being? There are three parts of salivary glands. The first pair is located on the front angle of your jaws. One pair is under the tongue. The last part is on the front of the cheeks.


Cough is one of the terrible diseases which attack your respiratory organ. On average the speed of cough coming from your mouth is rated at 96.5 kilometers per hour or 60 miles per hour.

10. Digestion

Let’s close the last point of mouth facts by talking about the digestion system. The digestive system in your body does not work alone. It comes into partnership with the immune system and endocrine. There are a lot of cells of endocrine found on the stomach.

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