10 Most Incredible Discoveries Of All Times

Can you imagine eating raw food everyday? Can you imagine not having electricity at all? I can’t! These discoveries are just a few of the most incredible discoveries of all times. Aside from that, there are also archaeological discoveries, medical innovations, mind-boggling discoveries in physics, and even mysterious phenomena such as the Placebo Effect. These discoveries are the most amazing discoveries because their either helped in saving millions of live, give life to prehistoric artworks and humans, unearth buried towns and culture, and of course, make our lives a little bit better.

10 – Fire

Incredible Discoveries Of All Times fire

We all know how how fire was discovered millions of ages ago, yet it has always been one of the greatest feats of mankind. Can you imagine life without fire, or even eating fresh meat everyday for the rest of your lives? And we have surely come a long way other than rubbing twigs and stones to produce fire. We have continued utilizing it for other purposes, other than for our love of cooking

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