10 Most Interesting Restaurants In The World

6 – Isdaan, Philippines

Most Interesting Restaurants Isdaan, Philippines

The Isdaan restaurant in Laguna, Philippines, is one of the most visited restaurants in the city of Calauan. It is a floating restaurant and theme park rolled into one and owned by the Barrio Fiesta Group of companies. But a unique addition to this restaurant, which lures tourists in, is their Tacsiyapo Wall. The term “Tacsiyapo” is a local Kapampangan dialect which means “son of a bitch.” All you have to do is to throw and smash plates (which costs for about less than $1) at the wall, especially when you want to release your anger or stress. If you are not satisfied with plates, you can even throw unused television sets for a higher price, of course.

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