10 Most Popular Scams To Not Fall For

Money does not grow on trees, so it is very disheartening for any person to fall into scams and waste millions of money because someone else deceived them something to be true. These scams are alarmingly increasing today as fraudulent transactions get easier to do – by snail mails, phone calls, emails, door-to-door, and vouchers – and they can be done anywhere in the world. They usually try to deceive a person by creating an intimate relationship with them or surprising the victim with a sheer amount of money or prize in return. In this time of economic crisis, it can be tempting but always be vigilant against these tactics. Beware and check out this list of 10 Most Popular Scams to not fall for!

10 – Emergency Relief Scam

Emergency Relief Scam

Scammers can take even disasters and catastrophic event advantage. How? By deceiving kind-hearted people to generously donate sums of money to transport relief goods or extend aid to people suffering a loss due to tsunami, earthquake, flooding, and others. They will set up fake charity institutions or phish by forwarding donation requests to your email. When you land on their website, it will automatically steal your password and other essential details. Also, they will try to make up a story and act like a victim trying to find sponsors to help them financially.

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