10 Science-Backed Anti-Aging Foods to Stay Young

Science has progressed much in the last decades, but the fountain of youth, the anti-aging pill, they’re still far from sight.

What we have today is more knowledge about food and nutrition than ever before. We now know that what we eat not only defines us but can help us cure and prevent diseases and help us live better lives.

10 Science-Backed Anti-Aging Foods to Stay Young

Aging slower, something we all, eventually, think about, can also be achieved with a proper, healthy lifestyle, exercise, and a balanced diet. And, thanks to recent scientific discoveries, now we know that many foods can help in that department. Look at the list below and take notes!

Spinach, the first superfood


Spinach is healthy on many levels; it’s not only high in fibers, but that will also cut down your cholesterol and keep your digestive system in check. Spinach can help against diabetes and even protect your joints, a common aging distress.

It has lots of folic acids too, which helps your cells regenerate. Start adding spinach to your salads today!

Pomegranate seeds, red-hued snacks to keep the doctor away

Pomegranate seeds

The name of the game, when we talk about anti-aging properties, is antioxidants, and several foods are packed with them. The red pomegranate seeds have a unique compound called punicalagin, and it helps protect the tissues of aging damage.

Like spinach, pomegranate seeds have plenty of fiber, and they’re delicious too!

Berries, sweet and protecting


Berries are not just the stars on desserts and baked goods; they’re super healthy too and are very effective against premature aging.

Anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant, give the red and purple color to berries and grapes and keep free radicals, responsible for cell damage, at bay. Along with healthy fruit sugar, fiber, and essential vitamin C, berries are the tastiest superfoods on earth.

Avocados, the other proteins


With dozens of vitamins and minerals, this creamy, delicious fruit is accurately known as a source of healthy, plant-based fats.

Animal-based fats and cholesterol are some of the most dangerous threats we encounter as we age and are responsible for our overall decay.

Healthy fats in the green avocados, in the form of oleic acid, lower your cholesterol levels, which is a proven way to live longer.

Salmon, unctuous bites of marine health benefits


We’ve all heard about Omega-3, but what is it?

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential oils that your body needs but can’t create, so you have to find a way to get them; salmon is an incredible source for them.

The scientific community considers Omega-3 fatty acids as an essential compound against aging diseases, including oxidative stress and inflammation.

Nuts, small but powerful


Nuts, whether you prefer almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, or pecans, they’re all packed with proteins and plant-based fats and have lots of Omega-3 fatty acids too.

High in magnesium, manganese, and many other minerals essential to our bodies, they are low on carbs and overall super healthy. And healthy living equals a long, slow aging process.

Lots of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and good oils, nuts are as good as all superfoods mentioned above combined!

Red wine, a comforting addition to your diet

Red wine

Have you heard about resveratrol? We’ll you’ll know all about it now. Resveratrol is a polyphenol, one of the many compounds in red wine that give texture color and flavor to the elegant fermented drink, and it’s a fabulous antioxidant.

Again, antioxidants control the free radicals in your bloodstream that damage your body tissues and cause accelerated aging, so you can’t get enough of them. Remember to enjoy just a glass a day to take advantage of red wine’s health benefits!

Chocolate, decadent health benefits


Chocolate, the dark bitter-sweet kind, made with over 70% cacao, is an excellent supplement to an anti-aging diet. Flavanols, a different type of antioxidant that gives flavor to chocolate can protect your cells from damage, including the one caused by UV rays from the sun.

The chocolate making process makes the delicious treat a very concentrated antioxidant bomb that, even in small amounts every day, can help you prevent accelerated aging.

Mushrooms, a kingdom of health benefits to be discovered


We’re just scratching the surface of the incredible health benefits that adding mushrooms to our diet brings. There are so many mushrooms around, all in different shapes and flavor profiles, but the edible kind, are incredibly rich in minerals and vitamins.

Ergothioneine and glutathione are two natural compounds found in the mushrooms we eat, and studies suggest they make mushrooms the single most beneficial food against aging; above all vegetables. Seriously, don’t overlook them.

Carrots, for elastic skin


Last but not least, we have to mention carrots as a valuable anti-aging superfood, and for a well-known fact: they’re high on carotene.

Carotene is not only great for your skin’s elasticity, but it also protects your body from cancer, and yes, carrots are good for your sight. So, add some color to your food and stay young, because a healthy lifestyle and long life the goals here, and you can achieve them with what you eat.

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