10 Superheroes Origin Stories That Movies Left Out

Every superhero movie released in the theater always have an origin that comes along with – the sad and lonely childhood life, the loss of parents, how he was bullied as a kid, how he got his superpowers, and how he first used it only to come to realize that his purpose in life is to be a man in a suit saving lives every day. However, no matter how keen the producers are in narrating the superhero’s origin, some interesting details are still left out. Wonder what part of the comics was stripped from the movie? Check out what you yet don’t know about Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, and a lot more in this list! Just to warn you, some of these are even creepy!

10 – Wolverine was not able to retain his memory

Wolverine was not able to retain his memory

One of the defining characteristic of Logan in Wolverine was his loss of memory due to the experiment – his mind was clearly wiped out. In the comic version, it was clearly established that he has no memory of his past life, and when coupled with the brainwashing of the Weapon X, he was lost altogether. Yet, we see in the movie that he was able to regain his memory back, even to more than 100 years of his life in the past!

Fun & Interesting Facts About The Human Lungs

Fun & Interesting Facts About The Human Lungs

The only woman that has appeared on a U.S. paper currency is Martha Washington.

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