11 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life And Didn’t Even Know It

The way that we behave in our lives was either taught to us or influenced by someone else. But don’t always assume the things that you do are still the right things. People make mistakes all the time, so you shouldn’t try to take after other people or assume they’re always right. Otherwise, you may end up doing things wrong yourself.

To understand why you’re wrong in doing some of the things you do, you must know why they’re wrong. That is the best way to learn from your mistakes and do things that are logical and sensible.

Below are the top 11 things most of us have been doing wrong our whole lives.

Holding Pizza Slices Improperly

Pizza slices are supposed to be firmly held by the middle of the crust. This ensures the toppings of the pizza won’t slide off accidentally. However, the average person will merely rest the pizza slice on the palm of their hand without gripping the crust tightly.

Using Too Much Toothpaste

You only need a pea-size amount of toothpaste on the bristles of your toothbrush. If you apply too much toothpaste, you are simply wasting your toothpaste. Adding more will not make your teeth any cleaner.

Improper Toilet Paper Position

When you add new toilet paper, do you make sure the paper hangs on the outside rather than the inside? It is easier to grab the paper when it is on the outside. However, most people unintentionally leave the toilet paper hanging on the inside next to the wall.

Using The Sink Plunger for Toilet

There are two types of plungers. The one with a cup at its end is for the sink, while the one without is for the toilet. Unfortunately, some people use one plunger for the sink and toilet. What’s worse is they don’t even wash the plunger before they switch between them.

Sleep in an Improper Position

Most people don’t sleep properly. They’ll either sleep on their stomach or sleep on their side with their spine misaligned. If you sleep on your side, then try putting a pillow in between your legs. If you sleep on your back, then put a pillow underneath your calves. Make sure the surface of the bed is flat.

Cutting Food Without a Cutting Board

When you cut or slice food in your kitchen, do not forget to put a cutting board underneath the food. A lot of kitchen amateurs have the habit of cutting food on the counter without using a cutting board. Doing so, you expose the food to germs, debris, and other contaminants from the counter.

Squatting When Thighs Are Not Parallel to the Floor

If you do squat exercises at the gym or for any other reason, your thighs must be parallel to the floor as you come down. Most people squat incorrectly by bending over too much with their back, which can lead to injury. But if you can keep your back straight, then your thighs will be positioned properly during the squat.

Tying Shoelaces Incorrectly

Shoelaces are supposed to be tied into a horizontally shaped bow. This is what keeps the laces tied tightly. If you tie the shoelaces vertically or into any other position, they’ll likely become untied within minutes.

Painting Without Using Primer

Newbie painters may buy some paint cans at their local hardware store and begin painting their walls with it. But what they forget to do is put primer on the walls before applying the paint. Primer helps protect the paint layers from getting absorbed by the wall material. Without primer, you could see paint chipping and other inconsistencies.

Applying Too Much Topical Skincare

When people want to moisturize their skin or eliminate acne from their skin, their first instinct will be to add a lot of topical treatment onto their skin. But adding big globs of moisturizer or acne treatment to your skin won’t enhance the benefits any further. Adding too much of any topical skincare product could have the opposite effect by causing further problems for your skin.

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