10 Unsolved Mysteries Still Today

There are mysteries that we, humans, were able to solve like unknown diseases, political conspiracies, and scientific discoveries – then, there are mysteries that no matter how much time we ponder on it and how much thinking we do to solve the puzzle, it remains a glorious mystery to us. From the Babushka lady who never gave up her footage during the JFK Assassination, to the Lead Masks case which increased speculations on extraterrestrial beings, to the Kryptos resting in front of the CIA headquarters, and to the metal objects found in between coals dating from eras where men are not even alive! Bug your mind with this 10 Unsolved Mysteries Still Today!

10 – Kaz II disappearance

In 2007, off the coast of Queensland, northern April, about 80 nautical miles from Townsville, a yacht by the name of Kaz II was discovered unmanned, after it left the port of Airlie Beach three days ago. When the peace officers checked the premises, they found out that the engine was still running, a laptop was on and continuously running as well, the vessel radio and GPS were working perfectly, and survival equipment was still intact and remained on board, and the meals were readily served like they were to be eaten in seconds – but none of the three-man crew was to be found. Even the video footage that the officers found showed nothing abnormal just minutes before they disappeared.

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