11 Actors Who Had to Overeat or Starve To Fit In Their Roles

An actor has to base his/her career or relevance partly on their looks. One cannot get the role if they do not resemble the character the directors have in mind. Some situations are flexible but at some other times, actors have to alter themselves to fit a role. This could be due to desperation or dedication.
Some actors are so persistent and hardworking they work hard on themselves to fit the role perfectly. This can be done through makeup or body transformations. This is why they get recognition and reverence. Here are 15 actors who transformed their bodies to fit a role.

Chris Pratt for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Image Source: liveinternet.ru

Chris Pratt started playing the role of ‘Starlord’ in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise from 2014. The picture shows perfectly how Pratt had to transform his body. In the before picture he has a belly and has gained weight. In the after picture, to fit the role, he had to lose quite a bit of weight and had to gain muscles and abs.

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