15 Science-Backed Signs You Could Live to Be 100

There are plenty of jokes going around the internet about how a 109-year-old woman says the secret to her living a long life is by not getting married and avoiding men. If that were really the case, then you would never find a married couple living past 100 years of age, and it has happened.

15 Science-Backed Signs You Could Live to Be 100

What it boils down to is that you’d had to meet a lot of the science-backed criteria that are indicative that you have a high chance of living to be 100. Let’s look at 15 of those now.

#15 – You Don’t Drink Soda

Drinking Too Much Diet Soda

Soda is full of chemicals that are not at all healthy for you. Even though diet soda, for instance, has no sugar, it can still lead to weight gain and diabetes by other chemicals that it has. It is best to just stay away from soda. Do you want to drink something fizzy? Then mineral water is a good and safe replacement.

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