5 Areas In Your Bedroom Where Snakes Like To Hide

5 Areas In Your Bedroom Where Snakes Like To Hide

Your bedroom is your safe haven, and that is where you either work (not recommended to do that), sleep, or have your intimate moments with your partner. And not to mention, your bedroom is the place where you want to seek comfort as well if you are upset. And, it should be comfortable for you, as it is your room. However, there are unwanted visitors that love to hide in your bedroom, and those unwanted visitors are not the odd insect that likes to sneak into your home. Though you would not want insects in your home either. Those unwanted visitors are sneakier than that, as they are snakes.

Snakes Love To Hide In Your Bedroom

If you live in an area where there are no or very few snakes, then chances are you are not going to find snakes in your room. However, if you happen to live in an area where snakes are endemic, then you will want to learn about this shocking news. Snakes want to stay in your bedroom, and they will find five different areas to hide. That way, you may want to call pest control to go into your room to see if they can detect snakes and remove them after reading this article. You do not want to do that yourself. Let’s go over the five common areas in your room where snakes like to hide.


Do you have boxes in your room? Perhaps you need to keep them in your room because the storage in your attic, basement, or garage isn’t sufficient. Or perhaps you do not have a basement if you live in swampy areas. If you have storage boxes or leftover boxes from an appliance or another large item, then you will want to know that snakes often will hide in those boxes. Don’t attempt to look for any snakes yourself as you will want to call pest control to have a look in your boxes.

Underneath Your Bed

That childhood fear of monsters hanging under your bed is not unwarranted in adulthood because that area could be a place for snakes to thrive. It is dusty, dark, and sometimes cluttered under your bed. If you do not have clutter under your bed, then snakes may be less likely to hide in there. However, if you do, then you may want to have pest control look under your bed to see if there are any slithery unpleasant surprises.

Close To Vents And Heaters

Putting the heater on during the winter is what will make your room feel cozy, and those cold-blooded snakes feel the same way. If you have the heater on, then that will attract snakes. When it is cold, you may find snakes warming up by vents and radiators to keep warm. The best thing you can do is to not put any furniture near those vents and heaters because if you do, that will create a home for a snake to hide.


If you have a full hamper or even a pile of clothes in your room, guess who will hang out there? It will be your slithery sneaky friend and that is the last thing you want to happen too. Unfortunately, life can get in the way which is why dirty laundry could be sitting in your hamper for a while, which will attract snakes. You may even find a mouse there too.


It is not a surprise that snakes could hide in your closet as they are dark, and have clutter in there. Even if your closet is neat and clean, items in there will still make the dark setting an ideal area for your snakes to hang out. When you call the pest control, they may want to have a good look in your closet in case there are snakes.

You do not want to look for snakes yourself because the last thing you want to do is risk getting bitten. You do not know if the snake is poisonous that could be hiding in your room. Either way, the bite will be painful which is why you want to leave it up to the professionals.

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