6 Easy Ways to Shrink Your Bunions Without Surgery

Easy Ways to Shrink Your Bunions Without Surgery

Bunions. When you think about that, you may get uncomfortable because it is, and it often happens in women more than men because of having to wear those uncomfortable and unhealthy high heels. However, men can get bunions, too, if they are not wearing the wrong shoes or ill-fitting ones. The problem with bunions is that they are incredibly painful and will reduce your quality of life if you do not do anything about them. You will struggle to walk and find that you must lie or sit down. Yet, you are hesitant to remove bunions because that will involve surgery. And you do not want to go through surgery because of the cost and recovery time involved which can get in the way of work.

The good news is that you can shrink bunions at home without resorting to surgery. So, let’s go over different ways you can do that, so you do not have to worry about heading to the hospital or podiatrist’s office.

Go Barefoot At Home

If you are home, take your shoes and socks off and walk barefoot, as you will want to take any opportunity you can. The reason for that is walking barefoot will help keep your muscles strong in the foot and help the toe bone return to the proper place on your foot. Additionally, your feet will finally get comfort without having to wear shoes that are not comfortable. If it hurts your feet to walk barefoot on the wooden or ceramic flooring, then you will want to walk on thick carpeting. The last thing you want is to end up with more pain from the bunion.

Put Chili Pepper Juice On The Bunion

You may know that chili peppers have anti-inflammatory properties. If you think you are going to have to eat them to help your bunion and you are ready to skip this recommendation, rest assured, you do not have to do that. You will want to chop the peppers and squeeze the juice from them. As you squeeze the juice from the peppers, apply it to the bunion, take some petroleum jelly, apply it, and then wrap it with a cloth. It will help shrinkage and don’t put too much of it, or it can burn.

Ice Can Help Shrink Bunions

You can use ice to help shrink the bunions, and you need to put some ice cubes into a cloth. And then wrap the cloth around the ice, and then place it by your bunion for about ten to 20 minutes at least once a day, as twice is better. As you keep doing it, it will help to shrink the bunion as it adds some comfort.

Castor Oil Can Help

There are plenty of antioxidants and antimicrobial properties in castor oil, and it can help reduce pain and inflammation, which is why this is a good choice. You want to take 50 to 100 ml of castor oil and heat it up. You can heat it in a pan you can, dip a rag into the oil, and put it on the bunion. You will want to wrap your foot with a towel to keep it warm for 20 minutes and do it once or twice a day.

Use A Bunion Corrector

You can always use bunion correctors and treat bunions that way, as it helps you handle the pain better when wearing shoes. It will help prevent rubbing and changing the foot position. Additionally, they will put the big toe in the natural position as the bone will return to normal.

However, the truth is you will want to talk to a podiatrist before trying any of these natural remedies. Unfortunately, not all bunion cases will be solved with these, as surgery may be the only option. But if your bunion is not too severe, there is a good chance these remedies will help.

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