7 Things You Do That Are Bad for Your Nose

7 Things You Do That Are Bad for Your Nose

Your nose matters — yes, it’s much more than looks. Our noses are the first defense against dust and microorganisms that can do you harm. You also use your nose to pick up scents, and that’s the key behind the flavor of everything you eat.

So, you want to take care of your nose. The problem is you probably aren’t. Here are seven things you might be doing that are bad for your nose. Some are harmless, and others can have long-term effects on your health. Take care of your nose, people!

Exposing it to dry environments

If you have a bloody nose or irritability often, that’s the dry environment. If you live in dry weather, get a humidifier, they’re inexpressive and are great for you. Sleep with one in your room and notice the difference immediately. Dry air is the number one enemy of your nose, but it’s manageable.

Using sprays and misters

Sprays and misters might keep your nose clear and are ideal for when you have a cold. Still, you don’t want to overdo them; they keep mucus at bay, but you need some sticky ones in there to catch all those nasty particles looking to make their way into your lungs. Abusing sprays might lower your defenses against viruses and bacteria.

Stick stuff in your nose

This one’s obvious, but many people stick things into their noses, sometimes just for fun, and others out of hygiene. Swaps, for example, people use them to clean their noses, and they stick tweezers in there as well. This is not advisable — in fact, you can hurt yourself. Nose injuries heal fast, but your nose is never quite the same.

Picking your nose

Now, if you have the habit of picking your nose, you should stop, even if it’s hard. Not only because you can hurt yourself but also because it’s frowned upon, even if everyone does it. The worst part? Your fingers are dirty and have a lot of bacteria. You can accidentally get sick just by picking your nose.


Smoking is terrible for you for many reasons. Yes, it will eventually kill you, but it will mess with your nose first. When you smoke, you lose sensitivity and miss out on all the surrounding scents — even the flavor of your food. Besides, smoking causes dryness in your nose, which leads to discomfort and blood.

Not cleaning your nose

Don’t pick your nose or stick anything in there, but you must still keep it squeaky clean. Now, your nose cleans itself automatically — that’s a fact. But if you want to go all-in and clean your nose thoroughly, use special nasal cleaners, tilt your head and use a nasal wash. Blowing your nose now and then works fine as well.

Piercing it irresponsibly

Nose piercings are fun and look good; we don’t have anything against them, but piercing your nose is a big deal, and you must get it done with a professional, and not just a friend of a friend. Infections and even viral diseases are common in careless piercings. You might end up regretting that hole in your nose for life.

Your nose is your friend!

Take care of your nose, and it will take care of you. We never think about our noses until there’s something wrong with them, and that’s not fair. After all, you only have one nose, and you depend on it more than you think. Keep your nose clean and moisturized and enjoy the fresh air.

Try avoiding the things listed above, and you’ll probably enjoy a healthy nose and all the benefits that come with it. Can you think of other things you’re doing that are not all that great for your nose?

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