9 Things Your Snot Says About Your Health

Your nose is a part of the upper respiratory tract, and it performs various functions. The nose obviously helps us smell and breathe but there are some lesser-known functions too. It warms the air when it passes through the nose and filters dust particles.

9 Things Your Snot Says About Your Health

Moreover, the nose has special cells that produce secretions.

These secretions keep the nose moist and trap dust and other pollutants present in inspired air. Your nasal secretions, commonly known as snot, change in different situations. They can tell a few things about your state of health. Let’s see what your snot says about your health.

#9 – Your Snot is Watery

Are you having excessive, watery snot at once? Is it clear and runny? It can be due to some allergy. You might be sneezing too. It is not dangerous and can happen on exposure to allergen. All you have to do is to take some over-the-counter anti-allergy medication. You can also see a doctor if it is not helping.

#8 – Your Snot is Thick but Clear

Excessive thick and clear snot can be experienced in case of chronic allergy. If you keep getting exposed to the allergen over a long period of time, your nose remains clogged with thick secretions. The nasal mucosa also swells up due to allergy. You need to see a doctor to find a long-term solution.

#7 – Your Snot is Cloudy

If your snot is cloudy to white, then it can be common cold. You might also be having some fever, cough and sneezing. The white color is due to dehydration. You should stay hydrated and take symptomatic treatment until the virus goes away.

#6 – Your Snot is Yellowish

Your snot gets yellow when dead white blood cells mix with it. It happens when your body tries to fight off an infection. It commonly occurs due to a viral respiratory infection. Drink plenty of fluid, and see a doctor if the infection does not resolve within a week or two.

#5 – Your Snot is Greenish

Thick greenish discharge also signifies infection. The color gets green when the amount of dead white blood cells become quite high showing that your body is trying hard to get rid of infection. However, you should be alert if the infection lasts longer than two weeks. A simple viral infection can be complicated by a bacterial infection as well.

#4 – You Snot is Blood-Tinged

Well, your snot can look pinkish or red if the blood gets mixed with it. This is a sign that your nose has bled. A nose bleed can be due to various underlying conditions ranging from a simple trauma to a serious disease. If you experience blood-tinged snot multiple times, then see a doctor to find out what is causing it.

#3 – Your Snot is Blackish

As described in the start, one of the functions of your nasal secretions is to trap pollutants. If your snot is blackish in color, then it means that the air you are breathing in is very polluted. It can be due to smoke. Also, if you smoke tobacco or anyone around you does, then it can be a cause.

#2 – Your Snot is Goldish and Very Sticky

Having a deep yellow snot with a sticky consistency can be a sign of fungal infection. This type of infection is not very common but still can attack some people with low immunity. It needs proper treatment and should not be ignored.

#1 – Your Snot is Brownish

A brownish snot signifies old nasal bleed. Maybe you picked your nose, and it bled. After that, the blood stayed there for some time and changed its color, and now your snot is brownish. It is not dangerous if it happens only once. Repeated episodes should not be ignored.

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