Always Smell Your Toilet Paper Before Using It

We adults probably think we know everything there is to know about toilet paper. It’s not a great mystery and is so mundane that we rarely consider it. We grab a few sheets from the roll when needed, wipe, and flush. There’s an end to the story… or is there?

Always Smell Your Toilet Paper Before Using It

What did you learn that there is one thing you should always do before using toilet paper? Please stay patient as this is explained. Take a sniff of the toilet paper before using it.

Why Is It Necessary To Smell Toilet Paper?

You might think this is gross or insane but just listen. Make sure your toilet paper doesn’t contain fragrance chemicals by sniffing it before you use it. You shouldn’t use anything that smells flowery, perfumed, or chemical, no matter how faint the smell may be. There is no such thing as a harmless fragrance chemical.

In toilet paper and many other personal care products, fragrance chemicals can contain virtually anything. A fragrance label may list a whirlwind of chemicals and compounds as “fragrance.” Consequently, when you use scented toilet paper, you expose your private parts to a host of chemicals, some of which are potentially toxic. Information on the individual chemicals used is not required; it is considered a “trade secret.”

Synthetic Fragrance Chemicals Will Cause Harm

Synthetic Fragrance Chemicals Will Cause Harm

Petrochemicals are the primary source of synthetic fragrance chemicals. As a result, they may contain toxic substances such as phthalates and derivatives of benzene. There are many chemical types that reside within the “fragrance” category, but phthalates are just one of them that have been linked to hormone disruption, neurological problems, obesity, reproductive difficulties, and cancer.

Even though you don’t eat these chemicals, if your toilet paper is scented, the fragrance chemicals can still enter your body even if you don’t consume them. It is possible for many substances to enter the bloodstream through the pores in the skin. The toxins in our bodies bioaccumulate, which means they are not flushed through our systems and are instead stored in our tissues. As a result of these stored toxins, health issues may arise, such as those described above, in relation to phthalates.

Scented Toilet Paper: What Are The Risks?

If you use toilet paper with fragrances, you may end up with:

  • Genital and rectum skin irritation
  • Skin swelling and puffiness in the private areas
  • Infections affecting the urinary tract
  • An infection caused by a fungus (including yeast)

That’s all there is to it. Smelling your toilet paper before using it is a good idea! You may not have another option if you’re at a friend’s house or a public place and may be forced to use the scented stuff if that’s all they have. However, you should keep a roll of your own unscented stuff on hand, just in case. Put some sheets in a baggie in your pocket, or at least a few. Despite feeling silly, at least you won’t be wiping your bum with potentially toxic chemicals.

Here are a few other tips to make sure your toilet paper doesn’t harm you while we’re discussing toilet paper dangers. When you buy your toilet paper, check the label carefully to avoid these common mistakes.

Stick With White And Only White

Stick With White And Only White

Many scented toilet papers come in fun colors, including purples, pinks, greens, and blues. Colorful varieties are also available in some unscented varieties. Despite their appearance, these are not harmless. Several artificial colors have been linked to health problems and may also irritate your private areas as fragrance chemicals do.

You’re best off sticking with dull, boring shades of toilet paper due to the potential irritation factor, as well as the fact that artificial dyes may be able to enter your bloodstream through your skin. Your bathroom needs to be livened up in another way.

However, Not All White Toilet Paper Is Good

Toilet paper in white varieties is also not healthy, along with scented, colored varieties. The reason for this is that many white toilet papers are bleached with chlorine. The use of chlorine can irritate your skin and be dangerous as well. Chlorine bleaching can result in dioxins and furans, which are carcinogenic.

Immune, endocrine, and reproductive systems are disrupted by these chemicals. Bioaccumulation may occur if they enter your skin through your pores.

Stay Away From Recycled Toilet Paper

Initially, recycled toilet paper seemed like a really great and environmentally friendly idea. Bisphenol A, sometimes called BPA, is present in many of these papers, which is highly unfortunate. In addition to disrupting hormonal function, this compound has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and even certain types of cancer.

Toys for children have been banned from containing this compound. Because other papers (such as receipt paper) are often used in manufacturing, they may still be present in recycled toilet paper.

What Are The Best Options For Good Toilet Hygiene?

To ensure that toilet paper does not contain fragrances or dyes and that it has not been treated with chlorine, read the label carefully. There are also toilet paper alternatives. This is what to look for:

  • Unscented, non-recycled toilet paper bleached with oxygen or ozone (or hydrogen) is best.
  • A “TCF” designation indicates it is chlorine-free.
  • Toilet paper can be made from bagasse. Biodegradable and made from sugar cane.
  • The majority of people in the world clean up after using the toilet with a bidet.

So there you have it, and now you know why you do not want to get scented toilet paper. It is bad for your health. There are other ways to pretty up your bathroom!

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