7 Antisocial Foods You Should Keep Eating

Many foods we eat, although healthy, has a few awkward side effects. Maybe they’re smelly or give us bad breath, perhaps they bloat of stomachs or can make us fell funny, but the health benefits in these foods are more significant than their social downside, so don’t stop eating them!

7 Antisocial Foods You Should Keep Eating

Staying healthy should be your top priority, and many antisocial foods excel at that; most of them are delicious, by the way, so there’s no reason to stop eating them. Let’s meet the 7 antisocial foods you should keep eating.

#7 – Garlic

Chinese Garlic

This one’s a classic, you have a good bowl of garlicky pasta, and you end up with a garlic smell for the rest of the day. Garlic is incredibly pungent, and not even washing your teeth will eliminate the strong (and oddly satisfying) taste. Despite all of this, garlic is super good for you.

Garlic has sulfur compounds, including allicin, that boost your immune system. Garlic will also control blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels in your bloodstream, and this is just the beginning, studies show that garlic can strengthen your bones and protect your brain from natural deterioration too. All of this in exchange for a bad smell — it’s totally worth it.

#6 – Curry


Curry is delicious, but it has a strong aroma. An aroma that stays with you for hours (or days!) Smelling like curry is not very much appreciated on a crowded subway train, but it turns out the spicy Indian dish is just too good for our bodies to miss.

It’s the garlic, onions, cumin, coriander, and many other spices that make curry so delicious and also smelly, but it’s not all bad; curry is very healthy. Curry has strong anti-inflammatory properties; it can improve your heart and circulatory system; it has lots of antioxidants and might even help you fight cancer.

#5 – Asparagus


Asparagus are tender, green, and deliciously bitter, but they have a fatal flaw; they make us and our urine smell. Sulfur compounds, not dissimilar to the ones found in garlic, stay long in our bodies after we eat asparagus, and can make other people, and yourself, uncomfortable.

The good news is that asparagus are one of the healthiest greens out there, they’re high in vitamins C, A, K and E and have high amounts of minerals like phosphorus and potassium. The green stems add many antioxidants to your diet too and can help you lower your blood pressure.

#4 – Onions


Onion is almost unavoidable, almost every modern dish, in all cuisines, have onion, and it’s easy to see why: they give enticing flavors to everything they touch. The downside is that they leave a strong aftertaste that leads to bad breath. Onion breath is frowned upon, to say the least, but that’s no reason to avoid the flavorful bulbs.

Onions are high in nutrients and low in calories; they have lots of vitamins B and C. The smelly bulb is also good for your heart and can reduce blood pressure. The best part is that onions have antibacterial properties, so they help you keep your immune system in shape.

#3 – Beans


We all know the downside of eating too many beans; they bloat our stomachs and make us gassy. Many people seem to have a hard time breaking plant-based protein, but beans are good for you, so you shouldn’t stop enjoying them for their awkwardness.

The kidney-shaped legumes have massive amounts of vegetable proteins, lots of magnesium, potassium, and calcium, making them an excellent meat substitute. Beans have fiber and carbs too, so they’re all-rounders. Beans can also help you control blood sugars and, believe it or not, aid with digestion because of their high fiber content.

#2 – Tuna

Canned tuna

You know when someone opens a can of tune in the office, tuna is just too smelly. Tuna lives you with a fishy breath too, and it can be hard to eliminate. Nevertheless, tuna is healthy and cheap, so enjoy it regularly.

Fatty fish like tuna are rich in Omega-3 acids, essential to our brain, heart, and immune system. There are few calories in tuna, so it’s suitable to achieve your weight-loss goals, and it has high amounts of lean protein. Tuna is ideal for high-protein, low-carb diets and is part of some of the most famous weight-loss plans around.

#1 – Boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are not always safe

The sulfuric aromas in boiled eggs are not very appealing. That’s hydrogen sulfide gas reacting with the iron in the golden yolks. You might not feel these foul aromas in scrambled or soft-boiled eggs, since they’re accentuated when eggs are overcooked, like when hard-boiled.

Eggs are some of the most nutritious foods out there; they have high-quality proteins, vitamins A and B, phosphorus, zinc, iron, and magnesium. Although high in cholesterol, eggs boost the good kind of cholesterol (HDL).

They’re not that bad, are they?

Sure, many of these foods might saturate your office (or car) with interesting smells and might not be the best things to eat before a hot date, but they’re healthy, and that’s what matters.

You know what? It’s OK to be a bit antisocial, as long as you’re strong and healthy. Everything comes with a price, right?

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