The Top 9 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked, No Matter The Weather

You are aware that getting adequate sleep is critical which means it is ideal to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night, and it must be good quality as well. You need to sleep as your body needs to reset itself and to heal itself from the wear and tear during the day.

The Top 10 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked, No Matter The Weather

You can get by on 6 hours of good-quality sleep, and you can sleep up to 9 hours. However, getting fewer hours of sleep than 6 hours and more hours than 9 hours is detrimental to your overall health. And what you will want to strongly consider doing is sleeping naked. There are 11 benefits of sleeping naked that will benefit you. Let’s go over them now.

#9 – You Will Fall Sleep Faster

Fall asleep faster

The one thing about not getting the best quality of sleep is you tossing and turning until you do fall asleep. But when you get to bed naked, you will end up falling asleep quicker eliminating the tossing and turning issue and going right to sleep as you close your eyes.

#8 – Your Quality Of Sleep Will Be Better

Sleeping Too Much

You sleep best when the temperature is low-normal. But that means during the summer to put the AC on. During the winter, put the heat on. This way you will be comfortable sleeping naked regardless of the season and weather. When the temperature is at the lower end up room temperature, you will sleep better.

#7 – It Is Great For Your Skin

Keeps skin healthy

You will end up with a nice glow if you sleep naked. That is because sleep promotes the production of collagen, and a lack of sleep causes your cortisol levels to increase. That is the stress hormone that also suppresses collagen production. That is why when your cortisol levels are up, not only are you stressed but your skin suffers too.

#6 – Your Mental Health Improves

High stress or anxiety

Your mental health will get better if you get good-quality sleep. And this is because your cortisol levels are lower and the chemicals in your brain serotonin and dopamine are more functional as well. That is how sleep helps and this is why your mental health improves.

#5 – It Is Good For Your Metabolism

Prevent weight gain

If you get good quality sleep while naked yet, it will lower your body temperature and that burns off many calories. And that keeps your metabolism moving. You need to eat healthily and exercise as well, but sleeping naked will help!

#4 – Your Immune System Strengthens

Type 2 Diabetes

Falling asleep in your birthday suit helps you get better shut-eye which means your overall health will improve. And that means your immune system will strengthen. You then will end up being able to fight off bugs and germs much better as well.

#3 – Increase male fertility

Increase male fertility

If you are a man and you are hoping to start a family in the nearer future, you will want to sleep naked. The lower temperature will help increase sperm count, movement, and improve overall health. That is because nothing is covered in that area and covering could stifle that.

#2 – It Helps You Have A Positive Body Image

Boost self-esteem

This may seem like a strange thing to think about but if you sleep naked, it on a subconscious level helps to boost your self-esteem and body image. That is because you will look at your own body each time you go to bed if you are near a mirror and when you wake up. Instead of judging yourself harshly, you will start reconnecting with your body in a loving way.

#1 – Good For Intimacy

Improve your relationship

If you are in a relationship and living with your significant other, if you both sleep naked, you will feel closer to your partner. This helps you feel more intimate and connected in bed, even if you all you do is lie together and watch TV.

When you go to bed tonight, don’t put your pajamas on! Naked is the way to go.

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