Best 15 Ways To Accelerate Your Metabolism

Whether you are trying to lose your weight or keep it, these few tricks of the nutritionist Heather Bauer will help you to speed up your metabolism and reach your goals much faster.

Best 15 Ways To Accelerate Your Metabolism

15 – Drink a lot of water

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is more than enough for your health. The water also helps to maintain the weight and accelerate the metabolism.

14 – Keep the level of the calcium

Some studies of weight problems have shown that low levels of calcium can trigger the hormone that causes fat retention that should be discarded. Choose low-fat dairy, cheese, yogurt, salmon, tofu, and oatmeal.

13 – Avoid alcoholic beverages

Getting out with your friends and the late parties with lots of alcohol will affect your metabolism the next day. Many research shows that the next morning your metabolism is significantly slower and combined with a hangover create double disaster in your body.

12 – Reduce stress

The stress increases the level of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a hormone that tells the body to hold onto fat in case of a stressful situation. Try yoga or meditation to relieve the stress and to calm down yourself.

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11 – Eat regularly

Regular eating helps to create an order in your body. If you skip some meals, then some of the main functions of your metabolism will be slow down. At the times when you are hungry and you don’t have time or opportunity for a full meal, it is enough to eat at least some fruits, vegetables or to drink yogurt. By starving you can not maintain body weight.

10 – Reduce dietary drinks

Although they have fewer calories and look like an easy way to reduce weight, these drinks can have adverse effects on your metabolism. Drinking water is a much better choice, but if you have already decided, try to limit your consumption to a maximum of two cups a week.

9 – Sleep regularly

Sleeping from 6 to 8 hours each night is important for a healthier metabolism. Any sleep less than 6 hours affects the ability of your body to burn the calories. You may be surprised, but also too much sleep can have the same effect. It would be best for you if you try to maintain a sleep constantly and wake up at about the same time each morning.

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8 – Exercise in a cold area

Making any cardio exercises in a cooler room will increase the ability of the brown fats in your body. Some new research suggests that this type of fats helps to burn the white fats in your body, which are also known as a “bad fats”.

7 – Get out more often in the sun

Some studies have shown that when a person spends a long time in a darkened places, those psychological functions in the body that stimulate gaining weight or prolonged sleep are stimulated. Take a time between 11 am and 3 pm for a daily walk. In this way, you will increase your energy, improve your heart work, and the fresh air will have a positive effect on your body.

6 – Drink tea from Kombucha

This tea, which is made from the black Kombucha mushrooms, has a great application in almost every health area. It helps to various types of problems, from reducing arthritis to detoxification of the liver. Exactly this ability to detoxify may help your body function at an optimal level, which means a healthy metabolism.

5 – Start with exercises

By increasing on your muscle mass, you accelerate your metabolism by about 40%. It is not necessary to overdo the weights, it is enough to use a few liftings with a greater repetition of the exercises. In this way, you will increase your muscle mass and your body will burn the fats faster.

4 – More vitamin C

The vitamin C and the calcium are partners when it comes to the speed up of your metabolism. The calcium accelerates the metabolism, while the vitamin C helps the body to absorb the minerals, which creates a win-win combination.

3 – Drink green tea

Drink green tea

The ingredients in the green tea have a unique ability to accelerate your metabolism. However, to see the effects of the green tea you should drink from 4 to 5 cups a day.

2 – Vitamin B is the key

Try to consume vitamin B in your body by eating small amounts of nuts, almonds, or fish. They can help you a lot in the maintaining of a healthy metabolism. The lack of those vitamins negatively affects your energy.

1 – Eat fish

The fish like tuna and salmon contain fats that increase the hormone that is responsible for regulating your appetite.

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