13 Body Signs That You Should Never Ignore

As a natural part of life, people tend to develop more health problems as age sets in. However, signs of poor or declining health are not reserved for the aged. No matter how young you are or how healthy of a lifestyle you may live, your body may indeed show signs that indicate something is going on underneath.

13 Body Signs That You Should Never Ignore

All in all, the best ways to maintain a healthy body are to eat healthily, maintain an active lifestyle, and avoid harmful lifestyle choices, such as smoking. However, these good health choices only do so much––they are no match for the effects of aging. Therefore, the second-best thing to do in order to keep your health in check is to know when your body shows signs of health concerns, and what these signs mean.

Most of us actually aren’t aware of these signs. So in an effort to help you stay tuned with your body, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at 10 body signs that you should never ignore.

Mild to severe yellowing of eyes

Your eyes and fingernails should never be yellow at all. This is a sign of an increase in bilirubin and can also warn you of an impending attack of Jaundice which means your liver is in trouble. Consider a liver function test immediately and consult your doctor.

Sudden onset of snoring


A large percent of the population reports snoring at night. This is unfortunate because snoring is usually an indication of some health concern to be concerned about. Most commonly, it’s a sign of close airways, which could be a sign of obesity or respiratory issues. But if you suddenly start snoring seemingly out of nowhere, it may be time to check with a doctor just to be safe. This could mean you may have major heart issues in the near future. It also could indicate that you have sleep apnea.

Leg Cramps And Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Leg Cramps And Having Trouble Falling Asleep

Those leg cramps are not fun to have, that is for sure. And on top of that, you are dealing with insomnia, as well as being irritable. You are lacking potassium and magnesium which will keep your body in good shape so you can sleep and you won’t end up with leg cramps. Be sure to eat more bananas, spinach, tomatoes, and oranges in your diet.

Brittle Hair And Nails

You may think your hair is just simply too dry and your nails are just thin. But there is a reason behind both of those things and it is not just simply normal to have very dry skin or hair. This is a sign that you are lacking in B vitamins. You need to consume more dairy, mushrooms, and seaweed, or get it through supplements if you must.

Sudden weight loss

no reason Weight Loss

Let’s face it––losing weight isn’t nearly as easy in your thirties and beyond as it was in your twenties. Your metabolism slows down, making weight loss quite the task. So while weight loss is generally a good thing, you should be concerned if you start losing a rapid amount of weight rather suddenly. It could be due to many causes, but cancer is one of the more extreme cases.

Skin That Is Very Dry

Have you wondered why your skin is all of a sudden very dry and flaky? You may think it is a result of showing too often (or not showering enough). However, that is not at all the case. Your skin is dry because you do not have enough Vitamin E in your system which is what keeps it perfectly hydrated and properly nourished. You need to eat more foods that contain this important vitamin. Vegetables, fish, nuts, and oils have a lot of this important vitamin.

Loss of appetite

Having a small appetite is generally a good thing, especially in today’s society where being overweight is, unfortunately, the new norm. But if you experience a sudden loss of appetite, especially if accompanied by sudden weight loss, it could be due to a more serious cause, such as a metabolic disorder or digestive issues.

Sensitive or swollen gums

Gums are Bleeding

If your gums are sensitive or swollen, it could be a sign you have gum disease, such as gingivitis. Unfortunately, your gums and your heart are connected more than you hope. If your gums are infected, bacteria can enter into your bloodstream and cause blood clots, heart attacks, and more. A clean mouth is truly a great way to stay healthy.

Swollen toes or fingers

Sometimes your toes will swell up due to the footwear you’re wearing, especially if it’s tight-fitting. That’s completely normal. But if your toes or fingers are excessively swollen without any logical reason, it might be time to visit your health physician. This is a common sign of psoriatic arthritis or arthritis in general.

Itchy skin

Unless you have a preexisting skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, itchy skin could be a sign of diabetes. But before you run to your doctor, be sure to analyze your skin where the itchiness is happening: it could be due to a bite or some sort of allergic reaction.

Excessive urination

Frequent Urination

Urinating is a healthy process that rids the body of excess micronutrients and impurities. But if you notice you have to go quite often, it could be a sign of diabetes. Your kidneys may be working extra hard to filter sugar, ultimately excreting the excess through your urine and causing you to go more often.

Personality change

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Everyone’s personalities change over time as we experience the world and grow. However, some personality changes, especially if they’re sudden, could be due to a medical cause such as mental health issues. Other causes could be thyroid imbalances or low blood sugar.


Having slightly pink feet is perfectly fine. In fact, it could be a sign of healthy feet, especially if accompanied by soft and lively skin. But if you notice that your feet are very pink and your skin looks wrinkled and/or thin, it may be best to get a blood test just in case. This is a common sign of a metabolic malfunction such as diabetes.

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