12 Clever Uses for Ice Cubes You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Do you make a lot of ice cubes in your freezer but you end up finding that there is a surplus of them because you don’t use enough of them for your drinks? And then you end up purposely allowing them to melt because they just end up taking space in your freezer. However, if you knew that there are some great uses for ice cubes other than putting them into drinks, then you’ll think twice before doing that.

12 Clever Uses for Ice Cubes You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Let’s now talk about the 12 brilliant uses for ice cubes that you’ll wish you knew sooner.

Reheating Rice

When you reheat your rice, you find it becomes too dry and you often toss unused rice away for this reason. There is a perfect solution for keeping it moist, however. Put an ice cube on top of the rice before you throw it into the microwave. The ice will melt and will moisten up the rice which will freshen it up as well.

Watering Hanging Plants

It is difficult to water your hanging plants properly if they are far up. You are not going to water them effectively which can kill the plants in the end. The solution to this is to put some ice cubes into the pots as when it melts it will water the plants. And you don’t want to worry about spillage from the drain hole.

Takes Away Carpeting Dents

You will see dents in the carpeting when you are moving furniture around. As you rearrange furniture, you won’t know how to get rid of them and it becomes a big ‘blemish’ in your carpeting. Ice cubes will remove them. For instance, if you moved a table around and the dents are from the legs, then put the ice cubes in each of the dents from the legs. Allow it to melt and then brush the dent up and that will solve it. Blot it well with a clean rag so the moisture is removed after.

Prevents Sauces From Curdling

Are you making a sauce that can easily curdle such as hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict? Then put an ice cube in the saucepan and that will take away the curdles. The sauce will be as good as new once again.

Removes Gum From Clothes

If your kids or grandkids have gum on their clothes, because that can easily happen, then there is a simple way to remove it. Take an ice cube and rub it on the ice to get it to harden up. And once it does, take a spoon and scrape it off, and the gum is gone.

Smoothing Caulk Seals

If you do a caulking job on the window sill or the bathtub, you see how it clumps up and the fact it is so sticky means it sticks to your fingers as you attempt to smooth it. You cannot allow the caulking to dry with lumps or else it will look terrible. The solution is to rub an ice cube on the caulking to smooth it instead of your fingers and it works.

Lessens The Taste Of Medicine

Whether you cannot take medicine in pill or capsule form, or you have a child or grandchild that cannot do so either – then you have to take it in liquid form. The medicine tastes awful. However, sucking on an ice cube before taking the medicine will help lessen the taste of it when you do have to take it.

Remove A Splinter

If you take a pair of tweezers alone to pluck out the splinter, it is painful and part of it will become lodged in. Take an ice cube and numb the area before plucking the splinter so it is not nearly as painful when you do take it out. And rinse and repeat if you cannot take it out all in one shot.

Keep A Burn From Blistering

If you end up with a burn, then rub an ice cube on it as it will prevent it from blistering. It works with sunburns or a burn from a stove. It does not matter where the burn came from. Just put it on the burn and rub it there, the burn will not blister.

Gives Your Pets Cool Water

Your pets can easily get warm especially on a warm summer day. It does not matter if you have a hamster or a gerbil, or a cat that lounges around all day, or a dog that is hot from going for a walk. Put ice cubes in your pet’s water and it will cool it down and they can become refreshed as they drink it.

Unclog A Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal is sluggish, then this means that it is clogged. There is an easily solution for unclogging it which is to throw ice cubes into it and grind it up. That will remove the residue causing it to be sluggish. Then it will work better again.

Remove Fat From Soups And Stews

You want your soup and stews to be healthy which means the excess fat that comes from cooking them up needs to go. There is an easy way to remove the fat. After the soup or stew is refrigerated the fat ends up at the top. Take a metal ladle and put ice cubes onto it. Then rub the bottom part of the ladle on the fatty surface. The fat will stick to the ladle and that is how it can be removed easily.

These are brilliant hacks you can use with ice cubes. Now, the next time you are tempted to throw away ice cubes, remember what you can do with them instead. They are worth the space in the freezer.

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