15 Clever Uses For Ordinary Kitchen Sponges You Must Try Out For Yourself

Everyone has kitchen sponges, and they use them for one thing – and one thing only. That is for cleaning kitchen countertops, cookware, tables, and so on. That also means they are not aware that ordinary kitchen sponges can be used for 15 other things outside of the kitchen.

15 Clever Uses For Ordinary Kitchen Sponges

Additionally. many of the uses do not involve cleaning of any kind. Let’s now talk about what other things that typical kitchen sponges can be used for.

#15 – Ice Pack

If you or someone in your family ended up with a sprain or has swelling and bruising, and you don’t have an ice pack, don’t worry. You can make one by using a kitchen sponge. What you do is wrap it in a Ziploc bag and place it in the freezer for a few hours. By then, it should be frozen and can be used to help bring down any swelling. It can also be used as an ice pack for keeping lunches fresh that you bring to work or school.

#14 – Prevents Flowers In A Pot From Becoming Drenched

You want to water your plants to keep them thriving on a daily basis. However, pouring too much water is no different from overeating. That is just simply not good for the plants to be over-watered. You can put a sponge on the bottom of a pot before putting plants or flowers in. This way when it is watered, the excess water will be absorbed by the sponge while it keeps the roots of the flower or plants moist.

#13 – Hand Protector

Your hands will get sore and tired when you have to shovel while gripping on the handle. What you can do is place sponges around the handle and put rubber bands around them to keep them in place. This way your hands will be gripping the handle and will not get sore and tired because the sponges will prevent that from happening.

#12 – Knee Protectors

When you are having to bend on the floor to clean or bend on the floor to garden, your knees will become sore and can be scraped. What you can do in order to keep your knees safe is by placing sponges over your knees and taping them on with duct tape. This way when you bend down you will not end up with scrapes or bruises.

#11 – Fridge Deodorizer

If you are tired of having a smelly fridge, there is an easy way to keep it fresh. Take a sponge, damp it down (don’t drench it), and pour some baking soda on it. Then put into the fridge and it will keep it fresh by absorbing the odors.

#10 – Furniture Protector

If you are moving furniture around across wooden floors, then you will want to place pieces of a kitchen sponge underneath the legs of the furniture. While you are moving it, scratches will not happen on the floor because the sponges are protecting it.

#9 – Envelope Sealing

If you plan on sending out a lot of letters such as business snail mailing or mailing out invitations, don’t use your tongue. Instead, take a sponge. Dampen it. And then use that to seal envelopes. It works like a charm.

#8 – Separate Toes While Doing A Pedicure

If you are doing a pedicure at home, you need to find a way to separate your toes. And the best way to do it is by cutting pieces of sponge up to put in between your toes. They work great as separators.

#7 – Seed Sprouting

If you are growing watercress, alfalfa, radishes, flax, or anything that is fast-growing, here is a great tip for you. Take a sponge, dampen it, and put it on a plate. Then put the seeds on the sponge, and cover the plate with a glass bowl that is upturned. Place it by a window that can provide a lot of sunlight. They will grow fast. You can either take whatever you have grown and enjoy them or transfer them to grow in a pot elsewhere.

#6 – Removes Pet Hair And Lint

Pet hair and lint can get on your clothes easily. Take a damp sponge to remove the lint and pet hair and it will get cleaned off quickly and easily.

#5 – Removes Wallpaper

If you are trying to remove old wallpaper which can be a task, you will want to keep your sponges nearby. Take a sponge and insert it into hot water and fabric softener. Rub the sponge on the old wallpaper and it will help soften the old adhesive, and it will come off easier.

#4 – Vase Cleaners

The narrow part of the vase is always hard to clean. However, what you can do is tape a kitchen sponge to a chopstick. Put some warm water and soap into the vase. Then insert the chopstick with the sponge at the end into the vase and start cleaning it. That will get that hard-to-reach area clean.

#3 – Keep Veggies Fresh

If you find that your vegetables in the fridge are going bad quickly, then there is a solution for that. Put dry kitchen sponges in the bottom of the vegetable drawer so it soaks up moisture that accumulates in there as a result of condensation. This will keep the veggies fresher for a while.

#2 – Keep Your Floor Under An Umbrella Stand Dry

When you put your umbrella into an umbrella stand after a rainy day, it can fill up with water and the water can leak on the floor. Place a dry sponge on the bottom of an umbrella stand so it catches the excess water from the umbrella after it has been placed in. It will help keep the floor dry.

#1 – Keep Tabletops Protected

If you have a glass, metal, or wooden table, it will get scratched from items such as picture frames, vases, and other items for decoration. What you want to do is place a sponge underneath these items so the table will be protected.

Now you know 15 other things to do with your kitchen sponges other than to clean items in the kitchen. Put it to great use and make your life easier.

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