10 Common Foods You’ve Been Storing All Wrong

We’re all busy people and rely on old customs and habits to make the best of our time. Think about it: we always do the same things; we buy the same stuff and eat quite similarly. Good habits are great, but bad ones are hard to break.

We do many things automatically and we don’t give them a second thought, like storing food. We don’t even know we’re storing it incorrectly. At the end of the day, that’s how we’ve always done it. Well, not anymore.

Here are 10 foods that you’re probably storing wrong and changing the way you keep these might be the perfect first step to begin changing other bad habits in your life.

#10 – Milk, why does it spoil so fast?

Milk, why does it spoil so fast? milk stored in fridge

We bet you’re doing this one wrong because we were too before knowing this! We often put our milk on the fridge door, right? It seems they build the narrow spaces for it, but there’s a catch. Milk is very delicate, and although it doesn’t look like it, it’s prone to spoilage in the wrong storage conditions.

Things stored on the fridge door get exposed to room temperatures several times a day, which means they’re never in the “safe zone.” And that’s why your milk goes bad so fast.

If unopened, the best place to store pasteurized milk is outside the fridge, but once opened, you want to save it in the back part of your fridge, where temperatures are cooler and more stable.

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