7 Common Health Myths Nearly 1 In 5 People Have Always Believed

Growing up you were likely told by your parents or your teachers at school to not do certain things because it could increase your risk of getting sick or developing a chronic illness. Now, if you eat without washing your hands beforehand, it will potentially make you sick because you are consuming the germs and bacteria from your hands. If your parents or teachers at school told you to not eat before washing your hands, then they were right as that is not a myth. You can get sick if you eat with dirty hands. However, there are plenty of other health myths that still one in five people believe. Let’s bust seven of them now.

If You Crack Your Fingers That Can Cause You To Develop Arthritis

If You Crack Your Fingers That Can Cause You To Develop Arthritis

Cracking your fingers is annoying to others around you, but it will not cause you to develop arthritis. When the cartilage in your joints begins to break down, that is what causes arthritis. There is a synovial membrane around your joints and that contains a lubricant for your joints known as synovial fluid. That will keep your joints from grinding together, and when you crack your knuckles, you will pull your joints apart. The stretch causes the fluid to develop an air bubble that pops and that is why there is a sound that comes with it. However, it is not a great thing to do, but it will not cause you to develop arthritis.

Leaving The Home With Wet Hair Can Make You Sick

That is absolutely false as leaving with wet hair will not make you sick. It does not make you more susceptible to catching bugs. However, if you already have the virus, leaving your home with wet hair can bring the symptoms on because your body is cold. It does not cause you to get sick. You already have to be sick if you become sick after leaving your home with wet hair.

You Could End Up With An STD If You Sit On A Dirty Toilet Seat

If you go to a public bathroom that is dirty, that can scare you away. However, you will not catch an STD if you sit on a dirty toilet seat. Viruses and bacteria will not live on toilet seats. The only small chance is that you might catch crabs or trichomoniasis on a dirty toilet seat as those are small parasites. And even then the odds are very small as they may not live for very long either. If that were to happen, you would have to sit on the toilet seat while the parasite is alive and the timeframe for that is very small. If you are worried, then use a toilet seat cover and nothing will happen.

You Must Always Drink Eight Glasses A Day Or More

You do need water daily, but you may not necessarily need eight glasses a day. Your body can do well on six glasses a day, and your body will tell you if you are dehydrated by you being thirsty. If you are not thirsty at all and you have had six glasses, then you are fine for the day.

Deodorants And Antiperspirants Can Cause Cancer

Deodorants And Antiperspirants Can Cause Cancer

Many old deodorants and antiperspirants contain parabens and aluminum that are believed to cause cancer. These chemicals are not good for you, but there is no proof that they can cause cancer. Therefore, there are also deodorants and antiperspirants that do not contain those chemicals. Therefore, there is no proof that they can cause cancer.

Fat Is Bad For You

Only trans fats are bad for you. Most other fats in moderation are actually very good for you. They can even be good for weight loss, hormone function, as well as brain function. It is too many simple carbohydrates that increase your chances of gaining weight and developing blood sugar problems.

Alcohol Can Affect Your Mental Abilities

If you moderate your drinking meaning if you drink one glass of wine a day, your cognitive ability, motor skills, and memory will not be affected at all. In fact, a little bit of alcohol can improve your cognitive function. If you drink too much and abuse alcohol, then that can harm your brain and liver as well.

Therefore, these myths are just myths. There may be a small grain of truth to them but they don’t tell you the whole story. Before you believe any old wives’ tale, you will want to check reputable sources first before believing them.

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