Do You Want To Know How To Avoid Getting Old? Here Is A Trick To Back That Up With Science

Do You Want To Know How To Avoid Getting Old? Here Is A Trick To Back That Up With Science

Not getting old sounds like a dream since you cannot stop aging. However, there is one way you can slow the aging process and live longer, and healthier as well. If you thought it was keeping out of the sun, well, if you protect your skin with sunscreen and do what needs to be done to prevent UV rays from hitting you, that does help your skin stop aging. If you thought that reducing stress would help to stop the acceleration of aging, you are also correct. If you thought that using moisturizer or anti-aging would be the answer, that helps, but that is also not the complete solution. None of those are the solutions, and there is one thing that you probably don’t know that accelerates your aging more than spending time in the sun as well as dealing with stress – and that is your consumption of sugar!

Sugar Is The Culprit To Fast Aging

If your diet is high in sugar, then you will age quickly. That is because sugar increases your chances of diabetes and can cause obesity which will age you fast. Also, your skin will age less if you cut back on sugar intake. Your mind will also stay sharp for much longer if you cut down on sugar as well. Those right there are reasons to cut back on sugar as those are hallmarks of aging. Does that mean never enjoy a sweet treat again? Not at all. You can enjoy an ice cream sundae once in a while or even a candy bar. You don’t need to completely eliminate sugar, but you need to cut back on it significantly to reap the benefits of staying younger for a while longer regardless of what birthday you are about to have!

However, you can cut sugar out by changing many habits and swapping sugary and simple carb foods with non-sugary or complex carb foods. That means if you want to have a soda, you will want to have sparkling mineral water with a lemon instead of a sugary soda.

Even diet soda is not particularly good for you as even though it is sugar-free, it has chemicals in it that will cause you to eat more. However, regular soda, as well as juices, are culprits for not just accelerating aging but for causing diabetes as well as heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Having too much sugar in your diet can accelerate aging skin, and there is a reason that happens.

How Does Sugar Cause Your Skin To Age Quicker?

When you consume sugar in excessive amounts, then a protein in your body will react to it and that process is known as glycation. What happens is that the sugar can cause the compounds of your skin that help keep it youthful and plump known as elastin and collagen to bind. Therefore, what happens with that is that the collagen and elastin become damaged and the body cannot repair them either. That is what causes your skin to age quickly. On a cellular level, excessive sugar also causes accelerated aging.

As mentioned, a treat once in a while is not going to hurt you. You have to consume sugar in excess constantly for it to have any impact on you. If you have a sweet tooth during a time you did not schedule a treat, then go for berries. Berries are high in antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals, and that will support your health and your skin. Not to mention, they are sweet and delicious and have a low natural sugar content as well. A small amount of whipped cream with a bowl of berries is a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without putting your youth at risk!

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