Don’t be caught off guard! Never Ignore A Bottle On Your Tire

Don't be caught off guard! Never Ignore A Bottle On Your Tire

When you’re in public these days, you have many things to worry about. One more thing on the list isn’t worth it if it helps even one person. It appears crooks have found a new way to steal from you. A simple plastic bottle is used in this process.

You need to call 911 if you see a plastic bottle (like an empty water bottle) stuck between your tire and the frame of your car.

You Will Need Some Assistance If You See A Bottle On Your Tire

Originally reported in South Africa, this trick has spread rapidly worldwide.

The trick works like this. Whenever a potential carjacker sees a car they want to steal, they stick a water bottle against the wheel. The bottle is placed on the front passenger side wheel as the driver enters. It makes all kinds of worrying noises when the car starts moving. Almost all drivers stop and get out at that point to see what’s going on. The carjacker strikes at that moment!

With the keys left in the car and the vehicle running, all the thief has to do is jump in and drive away. There are thieves who take advantage of that opportunity to quickly steal valuables like wallets or cellphones left in the car.

You Must Check Around Your Car Before Getting Into The Car

When you get into your car, look at the wheels for a few seconds. You should be alert if you see something like a water bottle jammed between the tire and the frame of the car. You may be being watched by a potential thief.

Put your phone on silent and dial 911. Please notify the police of your situation and provide details about your vehicle and your location. It’s crazy that we even have to discuss stuff like this, but we just want you to stay safe and aware.

You will want to keep other things in mind when you are parking your car so there are no opportunities for carjackers.

What To Consider When Parking Your Car In Public

Run errands without leaving your vehicle parked. You do not want to do that even for a quick moment. Take the keys with you at all times. Whenever possible, park in an area that is well-lit and well-attended. Close all doors and windows completely and lock them. Turning the wheels towards the curb can make it harder to tow. If you do all of these, then you will likely be okay. Now, let’s talk about what to do when parking your vehicle at home.

Keeping Your Car Same With Home Parking

Use and lock your garage if you have one. Light up your garage and vehicles with motion sensor lights. Back into your driveway if you have a rear-wheel drive car. The front end of your car should be parked first if you have a front-wheel drive vehicle. Be sure to set the emergency brake at all times. Never leave the original owner or insurance cards in the vehicle unattended. The documents to be left should be photocopied on both sides of your car. Business cards or address labels can be dropped inside doors to assist with vehicle identification. Police also warn against hiding spare keys in vehicles. In theory, it seems like a good idea, but car thieves know where to look.

If you usually park in public spaces, police recommend installing a car alarm. As well as installing a kill switch, they recommend hiding it. It prevents your vehicle from starting without being turned on, thus preventing theft. You do want to stay safe!

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