10 Eating Habits to Adopt When You Turn 40

As we age, we find it harder to stay in shape, that’s a fact. Breaking bad habits becomes tricky too, and we end up with overweight and stress by sicknesses and disease.

10 Eating Habits to Adopt When You Turn 40

It shouldn’t be that way. New habits and small changes in your life can make all the difference. Small steps lead to significant changes, and consistency can make your forties feel like the new twenties.

Here are the ten most important eating habits you should adopt to stay fit and healthy as you turn forty.

10 – Reduce Simple Sugars


First things first, ditch simple sugars altogether; there’s nothing good coming out of a diet filled with sugary cereal, spoonfuls of sugar into your coffee, and sweetened sodas. Simple sugars turn into energy fast, and if you’re like us, you’re not using that extra energy but storing it as fat.

9 – Eat Smaller Portions

Eat Smaller Portions

Losing those extra pounds and getting back into shape is not about starving yourself, but about eating balanced meals. Carbs, proteins, and veggies should be part of every meal.

More often than not, it’s the portions and not what you’re eating, which makes you gain weight and have cholesterol and high sugar issues. Teach yourself into eating smaller portions and enjoy your favorite dishes guilt-free.

8 – Eat Better

Eat Better

Forget about weird diets and supplements, if you want to feel more energized, and have a healthier body, start by eating better. Start by eliminating processed foods from your diet, eliminate ready-made meals, foods with artificial flavorings, and sweeteners. Eat fresh food, and you’ll start seeing benefits right away.

7 – Go Organic

Organic food

You’ll have to spend a bit more on your groceries, but organic food: pesticide-free with no added chemical fertilizers and preservatives is the only way to go. Agricultural products are the best thing for you, as long as they’re not carriers of harmful chemicals. Organic food tastes better too! Try it for yourself, and you’ll never go back to conventional farming greens and veggies.

6 – Drink More Water

Drink More Water

You’re not alone; none of us drink enough fluids, they don’t fit our busy lifestyles, but a well-hydrated body works better, falls sick less often, and is more energized. You don’t have to drink just plain water; you can enjoy antioxidant-rich tea, coffee, and natural fruit juices, just stay away from sweetened beverages.

5 – Don’t Skip Meals

Don't Skip Meals

You might think skipping a few meals will help you lose weight, and we all do it from time to time. Perhaps because we’re too busy at work or wake up late and skip breakfast, but your body protects itself from irregular eating habits by storing fat. Eat three times a day and add a few healthy snacks in between meals and make sure your body feels well taken care of.

4 – Eat More Nuts and Berries


All nuts, including almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and pecans are excellent sources of healthy plant-based unsaturated fats, which can help you lower bad cholesterol levels. Nuts are excellent sources for proteins too, so they supplement your diet nicely.

Berries are high in antioxidants also and have lots of essential vitamins and minerals. Adding a few fistfuls of nuts and berries to your diet will not only make you feel better but stay younger.

3 – Cook for Yourself

Cook for Yourself

Eating out, takeout, and delivery are the number one cause of bad habits, obesity, and heart diseases in the country. Eating home-cooked meals is not only cheaper but far healthier.

When you cook for yourself, you’re more conscious about what you put into food and always know what and how much you’re eating. Get back into the kitchen and get cooking.

2 – Share Your Table

Share Your Table family

Here’s an idea. Avoid eating alone. Try sharing your table with friends, family, and neighbors. Eating with other people not only boosts your morale and your happiness levels, you also eat better. We eat healthier and in moderation when we’re with others. It’s a great opportunity to catch up too.

1 – Try New Things

New Things healthy food

Eating has to be exciting and not a tedious chore. Try new things, explore new cuisines and flavors. There’s nothing like looking forward to your next meal. There’s so much out there, so try exotic foods, colorful preparations and make eating a feast for all your senses.

Eat better, feel better!

It’s never too late to get into shape and start eating healthier. Start with baby steps, make your new habits an essential part of your daily routine, and reap the benefits.

You might be forty, but you can feel like in your twenties. Remember, you are what you eat.

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