11 Fragrances That Kill Mosquitoes On The Spot

Summertime! The weather is great for doing outdoor activities such as swimming, playing sports, and going to the beach if you need one. Especially during dusk when the hot temperatures are cooler and more comfortable. No one has to worry about snowstorms getting into the way of life in the summer! However, there is one issue when it comes to this active time of year, and that is the presence of mosquitoes!

11 Fragrances That Kill Mosquitoes On The Spot

And mosquito spray is oftentimes full of toxins and other potentially harmful substances. But what is worse? Getting bitten or using these sprays? What if you were to find out that you don’t need to suffer and you don’t need to use those sprays to repel mosquitoes! You are about to learn about 11 natural fragrances that will kill those buggers on the spot!

#11 – Elderflower Twigs

Elderflower Twigs

This is a strong smell and it will kill mosquitoes right then and there. You will want to take some Elderflower twigs and keep it in your room. Make sure they are fresh. However, because the fragrance is strong, you will want to take them out before you sleep so you can fall asleep easily.

#10 – Vanilla Powder

Vanilla Powder

Take some baby lotion and vanilla powder and make sure that the ratio is 1 to 10 (baby lotion being 10), and add it to all areas of your body that will be exposed. It is safe for you and not for the mosquitoes!

#9 – Cloves


Clove is powerful and take 5 grams of the spice and add it to water and boil it for 15 minutes. Then take 1 tablespoon of any fragrance such as cologne or perfume, and add 10 drops of the mixture, and then apply on exposed areas of your body!

#8 – Cedar Oil

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil has multi-purposes because it kills off other bugs such as cockroaches, and if you have a cockroach problem in your home, you will want to keep some of this handy oil on hand.

#7 – Juniper Branches


If you want to set a bonfire in your backyard, grab some juniper branches and throw them into the fire. It will kill off those pests.

#6 – Four Types Of Essential Oils

Four Types Of Essential Oils

You will want to grab the following essential oils:

  • eucalyptus
  • basil
  • anise
  • clove

And add 5 drops in a glass of water, and apply it onto your skin. You can put the oiled-up water into a spray bottle to spray the mixture onto heat sources such as a fireplace. You can also add it to your window sills by placing a cotton ball into the mixture.

#5 – Sage Grass Brew

Sage Grass Brew

Take come of those roots and chop them up, and add it to just less than a half of a gallon of water and boil it up! Allow it to cool down and soak in for about a half an hour and then bye bye mosquitoes!

#4 – Wheatgrass Brew

Wheatgrass Brew

Use the same process as you would for sage grass brew as far as chopping up the branches of wheatgrass and boiling it up in the same amount of water. But keep it to a boil until the water turns yellow. Then allow it to cool down, and put it on your body, and you no longer have to worry about those blood-sucking pests!

#3 – Pyrethrum


Pyrethrum can be ground up into a powder and this natural herb will kill off mosquitoes beautifully so you can place the powder into your home, and areas where those pests would be likely to be attracted to.

#2 – Shampoo, Cooking Oil, And Vinegar


You will make a mixture of shampoo, cooking oil, and a small amount of vinegar (about 10 percent). Stir it together well until white foam appears, and then put this mixture on your body, and this will repel those pests beautifully.

#1 – Basil Leaves

Basil Leaves

These basil leaves are a major repellant to mosquitoes. All you even need to do is rub some of them onto your body and that will scare them off. You can keep the leaves in your room as well to keep them away.

After learning about these natural ways to repel mosquitoes, you never need to fear them again and you can enjoy summer.

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