Fun & Interesting Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate, we’ve all eaten it, we all love it. Not a single one of us can say we haven’t at least tried chocolate at one point or another in our lives. Chocolate is so vast and well know and that well, we don’t really know much more than how good it tastes and perhaps how it can be made. But other than that, we don’t know much else about chocolate that can be found as interesting, until now. Here are some questions that we answered in regards to some really interesting facts about our rich delicacy.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Chocolate

Where does the word originate?

The word actually was derived from an ancient Aztec one called “xocolatil” which doesn’t refer to chocolate at all but, it’s translated as bitter water. Chocolate can essentially be based around the concept of bad water since it’s so bad for you to begin with.

What country eats the most chocolate?

Switzerland is number one in the eating of this really good candy; they eat about twenty-two pounds of this stuff, each person for every single year. In America, we only eat about eleven pounds a person every year.

What’s a good way to store it?

The best way to go about storing your chocolate would be by wrapping it up in some sort of foil and then gently putting it down in a plastic container of sorts and keeping it at a nice sixty-five-degree temperature until you decide you want to eat it again.

What was the largest box of chocolates?

The largest box of chocolate, on record, had over two hundred and twenty thousand pieces of Moments chocolate and the box weighed over four thousand eight hundred pounds! This was made in London, April 2nd, of the year 2008.

Chocolate is like kissing someone?

It sounds ridicules but it is true. If you keep chocolate in your mouth for a long period of time until it starts to melt, it will feel as though it is the equivalent of getting a romantic kiss. In addition, in some reports, it is even stronger than the likes of a kiss.

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