Fun & Interesting Facts About Ice Cream

Did you know on average it takes fifty licks to eat an ice cream cone? Or that it takes almost six pounds of whole milk and some cream to make one single gallon of ice cream? When the ice cream was brought to America, it was originally enjoyed by those of high status. George Washington enjoyed ice cream in his own home. Lets read some interesting facts about ice cream:

History of Ice Cream

It is thought by some that ice cream was created by the Chinese about 3000 BC. The Romans, however, had their own kind of ice cream that consisted of snow, fruits, and honey. The ice cream was brought to America in the late 1700s. The ice cream was even part of a welcome to America meal that immigrants received at Ellis Island.

Fun & Interesting Facts About Ice Cream

Ice Cream Basics

Did you know you can make ice cream right at home with a few items from around the house and a few simple ingredients? Basic ingredients include some whole milk, vanilla flavoring, just a pinch of salt, and sugar. With a little bit of labor to turn the ice cream, you can have ice cream in a short period of time. However, there are machines you can purchase that does all the work for you.


People over the age of 45 and kids 12 and younger are the ones that consume the most ice cream. The most popular flavor the world over is vanilla. Although chocolate is close. There are also some very odd but still popular ice cream flavors including jalapeño, pumpkin, and dill pickle just to name a few. There are many popular toppings for ice cream as well including the ever popular chocolate syrup, nuts, sprinkles, and also crushed cookies or even whip cream.

Top 5 Ice Cream Interesting Facts

Top 5 Ice Cream Interesting Facts

  • There have been diets that are based on ice cream to help a person to lose weight. Somehow I do not think it would be very successful in the losing weight portion.
  • July is national ice cream month which was declared by President Ronald Reagan and there is even a national ice cream day!
  • The most popular flavor of ice cream is vanilla. After it comes chocolates, strawberry, cookies n’ cream, and others.
  • One of the most unusual ice cream flavors is hot dog flavored ice-cream that was created in Arizona, US.
  • Ice cream “Brain Freeze” effect is triggered when cold ice touches the roof of your mouth, which causes blood vessels in the head to dilate.

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