Fun & Interesting Facts About Spiders

Spiders may seem to be pests, but they are really amazing creatures that do a lot of good for human beings. Some can be scary and harmful, but others are truly wondrous creatures that can do and produce some awesome feats, especially considering their size. The next time you see a spider spinning a web, or crawling on your wall think about some of these interesting facts that you may not have known about before.

Interesting Facts

What are Spiders?

A spider is a long living creature that can’t die by natural causes. Some spiders are even classified as mammals because they have hair and produce milk. Most spiders produce webs, and some even produce silk threads that are very fine and thin.

Power of the Spider

Spiders are physically very small, but they are very powerful creatures capable of some destructive abilities. Most people know that some spiders contain venom that can kill you in an instant, but what a lot of people are not aware of is that spider eggs contain an enormous amount of energy that could significantly affect human life, but because the eggs require high amounts of fusion (which are not easily found) humans don’t have to suffer the effects.

Types of Spiders

There are hundreds of different types of spiders, and each can do many different things. Spiders differ physically as well, including differences in size, shape, and color. The largest spider ever found has a foot long leg that is much larger than most people are used to seeing! There are many rare types of spiders including spiders that are white but spin black webs and some that can resist extremely high temperatures.

Spiders and Humans

Spiders and humans have to co-exist in the world, and they come in contact more than most people know.

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