Fun & Interesting Facts About The Human Lungs

Our lungs are wonderful pieces of ingenuity. They help us breathe the air around us and filter it. They are also a vital part of our bodies. We certainly can’t live without them. They can be strong or fragile and can also be hit with the disease. Knowing about lungs can make you a lot more appreciative of the functions that they play in your life. If you want to know more about lungs, take a look at these facts.

Fun & Interesting Facts About The Human Lungs

Intricate Construction

Lungs in the human body are made up of tubes that create a latticework on either side of the heart in the chest area. Air comes through the nose and mouth going down into the lungs. 600 million alveoli are a part of each lung. They also connect to the pulmonary system where waste gas is removed, and oxygen comes in.

Illnesses of the Lungs

Many different illnesses affect the lungs, such as upper respiratory infection, emphysema, pneumonia, bacterial pneumonia, lung cancer, asthma, COPD, and inflammatory lung disease. These are just a short listing of these diseases that can affect the lungs.

One Lung or Two

We have two lungs that help to keep us alive. If one is diseased or removed, we can still live with one lung. However, if both lungs are diseased, then treatment must be done to heal the lungs. Breathing disorders can affect one or both lungs. You simply can’t live without the life-giving properties of lungs no matter if it is one or two lungs that you have.

Keeping Lungs Healthy

You only have two lungs. You need to be able to keep lungs healthy to breathe well. Reducing risks such as smoking and obesity can help your lungs stay healthy and strong. Reduce any exposure to contaminants that can harm your breathing system. Also using illegal drugs would be a no-no as some of them do affect the lungs and throat. Taking the time and care with your lungs can keep them healthy as well as yourself healthy. You only have one set of lungs, take care of them.

4 Fun Facts About the Lungs

  • A person usually breathes an average of 13 pints of air every minute.
  • The left lung is smaller than the right lung. This is to provide room for your heart.
  • The lungs are not responsible for inhaling and exhaling. The diaphragm (which is a layer of muscle between the chest and abdomen) controls the filling and emptying of the lungs.
  • Children and women breathe faster. Children and women have a higher breathing rate than men.
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