16 Genius Habits Your 80-Year-Old Brain Will Thank You For Doing Today

If you are worried about your cognitive function being lost as you age, unfortunately, genetics can play a role. if you have a family history of dementia or Alzheimers then that can be a risk for you. But at the same time, there is also some great news in regards to that. Yes, there are many medical advances that are in regard to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

However, there are also some things you can do in order to increase your chances of keeping your brain young and up to par as well.

There are 16 things that you can do now that your 80-year-old brain will thank you for!

Do Some Reading

Do Some Reading

Reading is a good exercise for the brain. Especially if it is stimulating and you are learning something new. If you read daily you will keep your mind stronger.

Memorize Some Lines For The Fun Of It

Memorize Some Lines For The Fun Of It

Pretend you are an actor memorizing lines for a movie or a show. When you are memorizing things that keep your brain moving and helps keep your brain cells regenerating. Even if it is just for a few minutes a day as you give your brain a workout. You can memorize lyrics to a song. Whatever it is, this is helpful!

Your Eating Habits Matter

Your Eating Habits Matter

The fact of the matter is you are what you eat and that is the truth. If you only stick to processed foods with high sugar and trans fat content, then you are hurting your entire health and that includes your brain health. Stick to healthy and whole foods which are good for the brain. Especially foods that have properties that help improve the brain’s function like fatty fish, berries, and vegetables.

Sleep Matters

Sleeping Too Much

You know it is important to get enough quality sleep per night which is ideally 7 to 8 hours. But when you sleep your body repairs and restores itself which is important for your brain. If you don’t get enough sleep over time, your brain will suffer. You can always get a nap during the day if you don’t sleep well at night.

Keep Your Heart Health Strong

Love your heart

There is a connection between your heart and your brain, and if you are able to keep your blood pressure down and keep your heart health up to par, that in itself will help keep your brain healthy. Do cardio, don’t consume much salt, and eat organic foods. Those are just a few things to do to maintain good heart health.

Play Games Like Chess

Play Games Like Chess

You don’t need to play chess per se, but games that stimulate your frontal lobe of the brain are what you will want to do. That is the area that rules important things such as memory and other cognitive functions. That is the area that begins to degenerate with age. So that means playing games that are stimulating will be the best exercise for the frontal lobe of the brain.

Exercise Helps Ward Off Alzheimer’s

boosts exercise performance

As it was said in the point above, exercise is good for your heart. It is also directly good for your brain as it has been shown to ward off Alzheimer’s. Even if you are genetically predisposed does not mean you will get it if you keep your lifestyle up to par. Get a good 20-minute workout daily of brisk walking and that will be helpful.

Do Some Strength Training

Exercise routinely

If you do some strength training, it is not just your muscles that benefit. It is good for the white matter of your brain that is the area for mobility as well as cognitive function. Just a few minutes a day lift some weights and do this daily. This will keep your muscles as well as your brain strong.


Meditate 15 minutes a day.

Meditation may seem overrated but it is not as it has so many health benefits that you will want to know about. Meditation is meant to help cleanse your mind and when you are constantly cleansing something, you know it lasts longer. And if meditating is cleansing your brain, the same applies to that. Do that daily for a good 15 minutes or longer and in time you will see the benefits of meditation.

Find New Tasks That Are Of Interest To You

Another way to keep your mind stimulated is by finding new tasks that are of interest such as finding new ways to organize your belongings or learning a new skill. That will keep your brain intact and moving, as well as motivated.

Listen To Music

Music Adds Life

You can either play or listen to music as it helps keep all of the brain areas stimulated. In fact, a perfect way to wind down after a stressful day is to listen to music for enjoyment as it helps keep your brain preserved without even realizing it.

Do Some Art

Whether you are drawing, painting, or sculpting, this helps strengthen your neural connections. This helps to improve your cognitive function which will show once you are aging. Get those adult coloring books and have some fun drawing in those.

Take Probiotics


There is a connection to your brain and gut and a healthy gut means there is a healthy brain. Therefore, you will want to take probiotics to keep your gut healthy so your brain benefits. You can either eat Greek yogurt or take probiotic supplements if you are not a fan of yogurt. If you do this regularly while young, you will find that your brain is stronger as you age.

Gratitude Is Powerful


You may find it cheesy when you are being told to find 3 things to be thankful for each day, but when you do that, it helps keep your happy chemicals in your brain elevated and that helps the brain health as well. If you do this daily, your older self will thank you for having a sharper mind.

Make Winding Down A Priority

You work hard and stress builds up. That is why you need to wind down each night by watching a funny movie, listening to enjoyable music, or reading an enjoyable book. Your brain needs to rest. Especially if you are working 7 days a week. You need a break!

Keep Your Connections Alive

It is important to connect with others whether it is in real life or online. Being connected to others is important for your brain to be stimulated. And it keeps your mental health in check as well. Being social is good for your brain’s strength.

If you do this regularly then you will have a healthier brain as you age. Stay healthy and strong.


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