17 “Green” Things Our Grandparents Did When It Was Just A Color

The world relies on technology as well as other dependencies in order to function. And we often wonder how in the world people were able to function and cope before all of the technology took over?

17 “Green” Things Our Grandparents Did When It Was Just A Color

Well, the fact of the matter is, people, don’t think about it because whatever was available for them at the time, they work with it. Since back in the old days there was no internet, appliances, or even shopping centers, and people were able to live their lives just fine. That also meant less pollution since they didn’t use appliances or rely on vehicles to get around.

Now, if the technology was wiped away from us, that would be a different story because this is what we are used to. However, that is not happening, and there are some things that we can do that are eco-friendly and don’t involve the use of travel and technology. What are 17 things that our grandparents did that would seem eco-friendly today, and that we should in order to help save the environment? Let’s look at those now.

#17 – Dried Clothes By Using A Clothesline

Dried Clothes By Using A Clothesline

Who really needs to use up electricity and power by using a dryer? It draws a lot of it as well, and this is why getting a clothesline to hang your wet and fresh laundry to dry is something that anyone can still do. However, in the winter or on a rainy day it can be a little more tricky. But in the good and warm weather, this is a great way to save money and the environment.

#16 – Grow Your Own Fruits And Vegetables

Grow Your Own Fruits And Vegetables

Why not get a fruit or vegetable garden to grow your own food? Chances are your grandparents did that, and it is cheaper as well. This means it reduces traveling to the supermarket and that is good for your wallet and for the environment. Don’t use pesticides either. There are natural ways such as using vinegar around the garden to repel pests.

#15 – Can Your Own Food For Preservation

Can Your Own Food For Preservation

A freezer can draw a lot of electricity. You can preserve your food in a much cheaper way such as canning your food and putting it in the cold cellar. It will work just as well as a freezer and no energy is drawn either.

#14 – Get A Rain Barrel And Collect Rainwater

Get A Rain Barrel And Collect Rainwater

Water systems, for the most part, are quite stressed, and you can do your part to help alleviate them. Get a rain barrel and collect rainwater. It will save over a thousand gallons of water for each homeowner every summer. This is a very environmentally friendly thing that can be done.

#13 – Make Your Meals From Scratch

Make Your Meals From Scratch

If you make your meals from scratch, then you are not having to grab packages of processed food. It is more time consuming but if you make your meals out of natural ingredients from scratch, it will be better for you and for the environment.

#12 – Only Eat Out On Occasions That Are Special

Only Eat Out On Occasions That Are Special

Many people eat out every weekend or more often. The best thing to do in order to save money and to reduce pollution by traveling is to only save going out to eat at restaurants when it is a birthday or a celebration of some sort.

#11 – Entertaining Guests At Home

Entertaining Guests At Home

It is a lot cheaper to entertain your guests at home. It is cheaper for you and cheaper for them. You don’t need to make it extravagant as no one is expecting it. Just some refreshments and movies, and lots of great conversation.

#10 – Tap Water Is Fine To Drink

Tap Water Is Fine To Drink

Many people are afraid to drink tap water because they think it is full of pollutants. However, your ancestors drank from tap water and whatever ailments they had during old age had nothing to do with that. You can get water filters such as Brita if you are concerned. However, that is all you need. You don’t need expensive water bottles that are costly. Most bottles are recyclable, but it is not necessary.

#9 – Take Lunch From Home

Take Lunch From Home

Many people eat out which is expensive and adds carbon footprint to the environment. It is cheaper and more eco-friendly to pack lunch and to bring it to work. It can be from dinner leftovers or it can be from a lunch that you make from home to bring to work.

#8 – Play Outside More

Play Outside More

Many people are not getting enough exercise and fresh air because they are sitting inside their homes with their faces in front of screens. Back in the day, people were outdoors doing a variety of activities. Kids played games such as hopscotch or did some roller skating. They were healthier back then for this reason.

#7 – Don’t Buy So Many Things You Do Not Need

Don’t Buy So Many Things You Do Not Need

One of the best things you can do in order to save money is to not buy so many items that you do not need. Unfortunately, many people rack up their credit cards by purchasing items that they really do not need. And those items can take up space whether they are digital or tangible. Back in the day, people did not buy items except for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays.

#6 – Play Stimulating Indoor Games

Play Stimulating Indoor Games monopoly
image source: txking/shuttterstock.com

Whenever people were stuck indoors back in the day due to bad weather, they stimulated their minds well by playing games such as Scrabble and other board games. They spent time together. Nowadays, people are isolated in their own homes by staring at screens which are done excessively and therefore, it is not healthy.

#5 – Socializing In Person

Socializing In Person

Nowadays, people are lost in the world of social media. Back in the day, there was no Facebook and internet. People socialized with others in their community and did not stare at their phones when they were with others. Why not pretend it was 20 years ago and prior and go and talk to people in your community?

#4 – Home Remedies Are The Way

Home Remedies Are The Way

During the time when your grandparents were young, they used home remedies for various ailments. However, it is actually something that many people are becoming more interested in nowadays and this is a good thing. Home remedies should be utilized more.

#3 – DIY Cleaning Products

DIY Cleaning Products

Your grandparents made their own cleaning products by using ingredients such as vinegar, essential oils, and baking soda. And because DIY is in nowadays, many people are also going back to this tactic and are making their own cleaning products. It is a lot safer than the products that are sold in supermarkets. Not to mention, this way is cheaper.

#2 – Take The Bus Or Ride A Bike

Take The Bus Or Ride A Bike

This may not be realistic if you live in a small town and your business is in the downtown core about an hour away. You do need your car in this case. However, when it comes to other situations with short-distance travel, why not take the bus or ride your bike. You can put a basket on your bike for your groceries. Don’t drive to the local grocery store, take the bus or ride a bike instead. It will save you a lot of money and it is better for the environment.

#1 – Make A Habit To Recycle

Make A Habit To Recycle
image source: Eddie Henderson/shutterstock.com

People are recycling more nowadays as they did not for several decades earlier. However, they could be doing more as far as recycling goes. They can take their beer or soda bottles and take them back to stores, and just be mindful of recycling in general. Do not add to landfills as much as you can. Your grandparents were able to recycle everything and back then there were no recycling plants.

Now you know of 17 ways to live a greener, cleaner, and in a more mindful way. This was normal for your grandparents. Overtime with evolving technology, people have gotten away from living a green lifestyle. But, it is easy to get back into it!

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