15 Health Problems That Epsom Salt Takes Care Of

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but this is not the case for epsom salt. Before you buy them by the pound, know all there is to know about this handy composite.

15 Health Problems That Epsom Salt Takes Care Of
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Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, a chemical compound mainly made from magnesium and sulfur. It’s called epsom for the English town where it was first discovered, and it soon became famous for its many uses and health benefits.

These are 15 health problems that epsom salt takes care of.

#15 – It keeps your feet healthy

It keeps your feet healthy

An epsom salt feet soak, with plenty of hot water, is like a day in a spa. You can eliminate dead skin cells while disinfecting your feet, eliminating bacteria and fungi that cause the bad smell. Your feet also enjoy reduced swelling as they relax in the steamy bath, thanks to magnesium.

#14 – It helps against irritation

helps against irritation

You can treat irritation caused by chemicals, poison ivy, or bug bites with epsom salt and water. It’s magnesium doing its thing again, relaxing the skin and acting as an anti-inflammatory. If itchiness persists, call your doctor, but most rashes will go away in minutes after applying the useful salts.

#13 – It improves blood circulation

improves blood circulation salt bath

Epsom salt baths have been popular for centuries, and it’s not because of all the benefits listed above, but because they work at all levels: relaxing muscles, inducing relaxation and also improving blood circulation. Every health benefit listed above is related to each other because our bodies work as a whole.

#12 – It reduces stress

Knock Out Stress From Your Life

Just like an epsom bath makes us sleepy, it will also reduce stress and help us relax. Stress is linked to severe illnesses and including heart attacks and diabetes. Relaxing and letting your mind forget about everyday problems is a powerful therapy.

#11 – It helps you sleep

Sleep on your left side

Magnesium is an active mineral in epsom salt, and it’s a vital compound to our overall health. It is involved in hundreds of everyday body functions, most of them having to do with your nervous system. Even a small dose of magnesium from a hot salt bath can induce relaxation and sleepiness.

#10 – It helps with constipation

helps with constipation

We all need help once in a while to get our bowels moving; constipation is the most common gastrointestinal problem in the country. Epsom salt are known for getting things going, and they act in less than thirty minutes. If you have trouble in this department try it, they’re one of the most effective treatments around.

#9 – It’s an excellent laxative

Laxatives receive signals from the digestive system

One thing is promoting bowel movement, and another one is purging your body. In the same way as epsom salt help gastrointestinal activity, in larger quantities, they’ll facilitate evacuation in a matter of minutes. Be careful, laxatives can make you lose too much water, and you can dehydrate yourself, so talk to a doctor before medicating yourself.

#8 – It exfoliates your skin

exfoliates your skin

Epsom salt is excellent for your skin; you can apply it as a face mask or use it as a body scrub while showering to eliminate dead skin cells and promote circulation. It’s not only the gritty texture that cleanses you, but it’s also the sulfur compounds and magnesium, both promoters of healthy skin.

#7 – It tames sunburns

Treats Sunburns

Since epsom salt are gentle with your skin and have anti-inflammatory properties, they’re a natural treatment for sunburns. Skin relaxation and reduced swelling cause an immediate relief in first-degree burns and redness. Please don’t rely on this remedy for second or third-degree burns or blistering; in those cases, it’s safer to talk to a doctor.

#6 – It helps remove splinters

remove splinters

Here’s a handy trick. Splinters can be hard to remove from your fingers, even with the sharpest tweezers. The Farmer’s Almanac has epsom salt as a useful splinter remover. Soak the affected area in an salt bath for a few minutes and see how the splinter is easier to remove. This happens because the salts dehydrate the skin just enough to push the splinter out.

#5 – It boosts exercise performance

boosts exercise performance

Magnesium in this salt helps your body use the lactic acid that accumulates in sore muscles, helping your body recover after a workout. An epsom salt bath will relax your muscles and reduce soreness, getting you ready for the next round. Many athletes use magnesium supplements for the same reason.

#4 – It reduces swelling

reduces swelling

As explained above, epsom salt is made of magnesium, that can help reduce muscle soreness after exercise, but inflammation and swelling occur for other reasons that are not exercise-related, too. Standing up for too long can swell your legs and ankles, and injuries cause localized swelling. Salt baths will relax the affected muscles and reduce swelling in no time.

#3 – It treats acne

treats acne

Epsom salt take care of your skin, but they’re also effective against bacteria. The combination of these benefits makes the salts a popular acne treatment. Cleaning your skin and pores and disinfecting your skin and will steadily decrease acne, even in the most severe cases.

#2 – It’s an effective hand wash

hand wash

Here’s another tip from the Farmer’s Almanac. Epsom salt mixed with baby oil make a soothing hand wash that will not only clean your hands but will reduce swelling and disinfect them. You’ll be happy to have made the slippery home-made hand wash, primarily if you work with your hands.

#1 – It reduces the chances of headaches

Frequent Headaches

A convenient remedy for headaches and mild migraines; as your blood flows better, your veins and arteries expand, and your mind and body relax, your brain enters a stress-free state, and your headache gradually disappears. A good epsom salt bath might be what you need right now.

Who knew, right?

Epsom salt is as good as its solid reputation, and although much scientific research is still needed, it’s a good idea to have some of this handy salt at home.

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