Healthy Aging Requires Foot Care

Healthy Aging Requires Foot Care

Once you hit the age of 50, you will have walked likely approximately 75,000 miles since you began taking your first steps. And since life expectancy keeps going up each year, you will be walking many more miles. And seniors may say that they don’t like to walk as much because of foot pain but any type of foot pain is not normal. And as a result, they will not participate in activities because of the pain which will only lead to other health problems.

What Do Your Feet Tell You As Far As Your Health Goes?

Your feet can tell you many things regarding your health, as they can be indicators of illnesses such as diabetes, circulatory ailments, or arthritis. And each time there is pain associated with the feet, it should be discussed with a podiatrist. And the podiatrist will make a diagnosis.

The US National Center for Health Statistics shares that pain and disability in the lower extremities can be the cause of the limitation of activity in the elderly. They also state that one-quarter of nursing home patients cannot walk, and one out of six can walk with a walker or other assistance. Poor foot care will only lead to these problems. But there is a solution to this problem.

Daily Foot Care Is Essential

Care that is beyond showering and bathing daily is a problem for the elderly. That is because they struggle to bend down and as a result, they do not see their feet. That is why it is essential for caregivers to help them with foot care each day. There are things to pay attention to when it comes to elder foot care.

For example, you would need to pay attention to the length of your toenails. It is essential to trim toenails so they do not press against the other toes which will lead to many foot problems. You also want to ensure that there are no cuts, blisters, or scratches as that can lead to infection if they are not tended to. And the issue is when skin ages, it thins out as that makes it a lot easier to bruise the feet which can only allow bacteria to come in.

Dryness is another issue that is common foot issue and when that happens, dryness causes cracks in the heels and toes and that is what lets bacteria come into them. The solution for that is to keep moisturizing the feet. And if there are corns or calluses on the feet, that means the shoes are not a good fit.

The other thing to check often is if there are any moles or areas of discoloration. If there are any areas of moles or discoloration between the toes or at the bottom of the feet, you will need to make sure that a dermatologist knows.

Another issue with the feet that are often missed are signs of swelling of the feet which can indicate diabetes, circulatory issues, or a leg injury. And there could also be nerve damage if there is either too much sensitivity or a lack of it.

The Elder Needs To Go To A Podiatrist

You will need to find a podiatrist to treat the elder patient, or if that is you, you need to find one for yourself. A qualified podiatrist will have the DPM which is the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine beside their name. That means the doctor has completed many years of rigorous training in a podiatry school. That is what makes them qualified to provide this care.

The podiatrist will not only provide adequate care but also will help you as far as shopping for shoes that are best suited for the feet. Now you see why caring for the feet is essential for health.

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