High Chocolate Consumption Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Diseases

Some of them just “melt” in your mouth and allow you to sink into “brown dreams” while some others may just give you a tooth exercise as you munch your way to final “salvation”. Your tongue may roll around your mouth, giving you such a pleasure, which you have not even experienced in your intimate moments with your partner.

High Chocolate Consumption Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Diseases

Chocolates are good “companions” for chocolate lovers. You open the bag of a chocolate lover and you’ll find one or two bars “waiting” inside. And very rarely, you’ll find huge stocks of chocolates in the refrigerators of most of the chocolate lovers. They come and they go.

And there should not be any “guilt” attached to it and onlookers should not express their concerns over eating a “stomach-full” of chocolates with researchers at the University of Cambridge, England reporting that high chocolate consumption can lower your risk of contracting heart diseases by one-third.

Several studies conducted recently have shown that chocolates have proved the functions of chocolate in controlling insulin sensitivity and in regulating blood pressure. And the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of chocolates have already been established.

The study led by Dr. Oscar Franco intended to find out the impacts of eating chocolate on cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke. The researchers examined the data in seven studies which included 114,009 individuals.

Some of the study subjects were already affected by heart problems while others did not have such issues. A comparison was intended to be conducted between the highest chocolate consumers and the lowest ones.

In five studies, it was found that eating loads of chocolate could lower the risk of cardiovascular events. Individuals who ate the maximum amount of chocolate were at a 37 percent lower risk of experiencing cardiovascular events compared to those who had the least amounts of it.

The highest chocolate eaters were at a 29 percent lower risk of experiencing strokes in comparison to those who ate the lowest amounts of chocolate. Any variation in chocolate consumption was found to exert no impact on the incidences of heart failure.

The researchers did not specify whether it was about milk chocolates or dark chocolates and included chocolate-based items like desserts, drinks, bars and biscuits. But what about the high caloric content of commercially available chocolate? It can lead to weight gain, which again contributes towards heart diseases and diabetes type 2.

Researchers have opined that greater emphasis should now be placed on reducing the current sugar and fat content of commercially available chocolate in order to reap the maximum benefits of chocolate consumption. Till that time, the question, “How much is too much” will keep on hitting our minds and we will keep searching for a “bite of peace”.

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