How Can You Manage A Weak Bladder And Improve OAB Symptoms?

How Can You Manage A Weak Bladder And Improve OAB Symptoms?

Do you have an overactive bladder or OAB? If not, you are not alone because it is very common among women as they age. Especially if they had children at one time. OAB is characterized by having a loss of bladder control in addition to urinary leakage which can be caused by weak or very constrictive pelvic muscles. It is frustrating for those who have it because it is characterized by having the frequent need to run to the bathroom and incontinence. How do you manage urinary leakage and an OAB? Let’s talk about that now.

Do Pelvic Floor Exercises Everyday

You do know that the pelvic muscles have the role to support your bladder and help to keep the urine flow controlled. Therefore, it is essential to do pelvic floor exercises each day such as doing squats, Kegels, and also doing the bridge which can help to keep the muscles in the area stronger. That way, you will not have to deal with OAB symptoms nearly as much.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, you will want to work with your doctor to quit because smoking can be detrimental to vascular health. That always leads to oxygen loss in the pelvic area to the muscles in the bladder. When that happens, you will have a weak bladder and will deal with OAB symptoms.

Don’t Lift Heavy Objects

You may have times where you will have no option but to lift heavy grocery bags if you are going to the supermarket alone. However, the best thing to do is to go shopping more often so you do not need to do that. If you lift heavy objects consistently, then you will stress your back, knees, and pelvic muscles. If you keep doing that, then you will end up with OAB symptoms. If you need to move heavy objects around your home, it is best to hire someone to do it.

Your Diet Matters

You will want to go on a diet that is bladder-friendly such as lean proteins including low-fat meat, eggs, and fish. You also want to eat foods rich in fiber such as nuts, beans, fruits (not citrus fruits), vegetables, and whole grains. Limit drinking coffee and other food and drinks with caffeine, including chocolate, and don’t drink too much water at night before bed.

If You Have Excess Weight, You Will Want To Take It Off

Excess weight can worsen the problems regarding OAB so the best thing to do is to lose that weight. If you are overweight, that puts extra strain on your muscles and that includes your pelvic muscles. Work with a dietician if you need help with what to do in order to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Do Some Exercises Regularly

If you can take time to do some exercises in addition to sticking to a healthy diet, then you will help yourself with weight loss. It will also help strengthen your muscles, which includes your pelvic muscles. You will want to do exercises as well for that which was noted earlier on.

Don’t Risk Constipation

If you are constipated, then you will have OAB symptoms because of the pressure on your bladder from it. Therefore, eat foods that are rich in fiber and drink a lot of water. If you struggle with constipation, even after doing that, you will need to see your doctor.

Stay Hydrated And Limit Caffeine And Alcohol Intake

That was mentioned earlier but you will want to limit caffeine and alcohol as they are both mild diuretics. Therefore, they will cause you to go to the bathroom more often. You also want to drink more water and that may sound counterintuitive but water will help prevent constipation and you need proper hydration to keep your muscles working properly.

Try those tips to help reduce the effects of OAB and if you are still struggling with it, then you will need to get a referral to a urologist because that means there is a problem that needs to be addressed regarding your bladder.

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