How Hands Tell Our Story. Five Finger Facts

We use our fingers everyday and it is almost impossible to imagine life without them. We use them to pick up objects, touch, scratch, tickle, send messages, pay the bills, express ourselves and SO much more!
Take a look at your hand, your fingers actually say a lot about you. Here are five scientific facts about fingers you (probably) didn’t know.

Giving The Finger

Our fingers actually say a lot about us. Men, for example, tend to have longer ring fingers than women. The length of this digit is thought to be an indicator of testosterone exposure in the womb.
There is, however, also a great difference between ethnic groups in this regard. English, Polish, and Spanish has quite feminized fingers, while Germans, Hungarians, Finns, and Indians are generally more masculinized.
At men, the ring finger tends to be longer than the index, reflecting higher levels of testosterone before birth. At women, the index finger is generally dominant, reflecting higher estrogen levels. If the index is longer than the ring finger, then this is a more feminine-type hand; if the ring finger is longer, that it is a masculine hand.

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