How Wearing Polyester Affects Your Skin

How Wearing Polyester Affects Your Skin

You probably don’t think much about the clothing you wear as being toxic, and why would you? You know you need a new pair of slacks or shirts, and you go to the clothing shop that sells the slacks and shirts you need, and they look good, and you buy them, and wear them. How do you know that these sets of clothing are healthy for you to wear? And what does that even mean that clothing is not healthy to wear? The fact of the matter is that some fabrics have harmful chemicals which make these fabrics unhealthy to wear. The chemicals will seep through your skin and can become a cancer risk in addition to being risky for other ailments.

Clothing With Azo Dyes

Azo dye is a common color dye that you see on leather and other varieties of clothing. The problem with this one is that azo dye will release ammonia which can increase your chances of developing bladder cancer. It happened in Germany as dye workers developed cancer by being exposed to azo dyes daily.

Acrylic Clothing

You may think that there is nothing wrong with acrylic because it is so common and has been worn for years. However, there is a chemical called dimethylformamide in therm which can cause not only liver damage but other serious health conditions. You will no longer want to wear acrylic clothing because they are clearly unsafe to wear.


You have probably heard that manufacturers are changing the way they make plastic because it is a known fact that phthalates are a serious endocrine disrupter. Research is also being conducted to determine if phthalates are a cancer risk in addition to wreaking havoc with the reproductive system. However, your old raincoats, fake leather, and waterproof clothing likely have phthalates in them which means you will want to look for safer alternatives.


Nanosilver is an agent that prevents any odor-causing bacteria breeding in clothing and if your fabric has this chemical on it, you do not want to wear it anymore. This chemical can cause your brain cells to die if you are exposed to it for a long time. There are other clothing fabrics that can help reduce bacterial growth that is safer to wear.

Any Type of Resistant Fabrics

If you are wearing clothing that is supposedly static resistant or is resistant to stains, wrinkles and has flame retardants on them, then that is risky as well. That is because there is formaldehyde in these fabrics and harmful chemicals that are not only risky to your reproductive health but can be cancer-causing. Therefore, any clothing that makes these statements that they are resistant to anything must stay put! Don’t wear them.

If you look in your closet and see that a big chunk of your wardrobe has these fabrics, you will want to replace them. The fabrics that are safe to wear are:

  • Flax
  • Camel
  • Cotton
  • Silk
  • Hemp
  • Organic wool
  • Alpaca
  • Angora
  • Aliyot
  • Ramie
  • Mohair
  • Cashmere

You can also find chemicals on these fabrics, but they come in much smaller amounts to the point that they are negligible and will not do any damage. The best thing is that when you shop for clothing, stick to the safe and natural fabrics listed above. That is the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and to give as gifts as well. Your clothing contributes to your health!

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