If You Can Balance on One Leg, it Might Mean This

If You Can Balance on One Leg, it Might Mean This

See if you can balance in on one leg for twenty seconds, go on, we’ll wait. It might sound silly but having good balance can give us clues about your health, and some stuff is actually important! If you have trouble maintaining balance, you might be at risk of heart disease.

Read more about the recent discoveries around balance and our heart and brain health. You might want to call your doctor after reading this! So here it is if you can balance on one leg it might mean this.

Your Heart Might Be at Risk

After a 1400 participant study in Japan, scientists discovered that people with poor balance have had tiny strokes or bleeds in the past, as blood flow is related to balance more than you think.

If you’ve had previous heart conditions, even if apparently insignificant, it means that you’re at risk of suffering a more serious heart condition and even a stroke. When blood vessels in your brain break, you lose some of your balance, and if it happened before, it could happen again. Small strokes are not that bad, but they are dangerous, so if you have a terrible balance, you might want to check your heart’s health.

Your brain might suffer as well

Bursting blood vessels in your brain are not only dangerous for your heart health, but your brain also suffers too. The study suggests people that can’t stand in one leg for long periods do poorly in memory and cognitive tests, meaning your brain might already have some damage.

If you can’t balance properly, there’s a big chance your brain is as risk of a greater threat, and although it might have already affected your cognitive functions, you might still be in time to prevent greater damage. When the brain doesn’t work well, nothing else works.

Maybe It’s not Your Brain After All

The good news is that there are other reasons why you might find hard to and in one leg for over 20 seconds. Overweight is one of them, and so are weak hips and glutes. You’ve better hit the gym.

You might also have weak leg and feet muscles, causing you do lose balance when supporting your own weight. Finally, there’s your spine, if you have a weak spine or an abnormality, like a deviation, then you won’t be able to find balance. Most of these causes are easily fixed with some exercise, so get moving!

You Might Lack Concentration

Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with your brain, spine or muscles, maybe you’re just being goofy. If you have a hard time balancing in one leg you might not be taking the exercise seriously.

After all, we all feel silly standing like a flamingo. If you want to make sure your heart and brain are okay, then try standing in one leg, and take it seriously, this might be your last chance to find out if something is wrong with you before it’s too late! Come on, take it seriously! Imagine you’re being examined by your doctor.

It’s Amazing How the Body Works!

If something is wrong with one part of your body, it might mean there’s something wrong somewhere else. We’re hard-wired that way, you never know what symptoms might mean you have some condition somewhere else in your system.

That’s why you must stay vigilant. A rash might mean you have a viral infection, and a bumpy mole might mean you have something worse! Start by checking if you have balance and go from there. Make sure every part of your body is working a-okay and talk to your doctor if you suspect there’s something wrong with you.

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