Interesting Facts About Dental

At least two times a year, patients from across the country visit the dentist’s office for a checkup. Sometimes, it’s only for cleaning teeth other times it’s for removing teeth and diagnosing any problems the teeth may have. Much like a doctor, a dentist will work to discover any ailments with your teeth and fine-tune a way to correct the problem. Not many people really know much else about dental work besides what you do with it each year, here are a few facts you probably didn’t know.

Interesting Facts About Dental

What is each set of teeth like?

Much like how every person on the planet’s finger prints are different; (With the exception of twins) every person’s teeth are unique in nature much like an individual themselves.

What can protect teeth from Decay?

Believe it or not, there are actually some kinds of cheese that can reduce and protect your teeth from the fabrics of decay; it’s a method most never think of when they think of their teeth.

What’s the major cause of losing teeth?

In younger people, one of the main causes of loosing teeth is how active a person is in sports. Sometimes, teeth will be lost if the person plays very rough on the field or gets into fights as young people often do.

What were George Washington’s Dentures made out of?

It’s weird but his teeth were made out of animal teeth (horse and donkey), lead, ivory and gold. Perhaps one of the most complex pairs of dentures in the history of mankind.

How did they clean their teeth in the old days?

In the days of the Roman Empire, they would use things like bones as well as eggshells and oyster shells were used to keep teeth not only clean but also fresh.

What kind of diseases can you get?

This is actually the second most common disease in the country next to the common cold but tooth decay is the second most abundant disease around.

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