9 Medical Reasons Your Short-Term Memory Is Getting Worse

Undoubtedly, a good memory is a blessing. We use it in multiple aspects of our life, ranging from our daily dealings to our professions. One can only realize the value of a sound memory once he or she faces some issue.

Short term memory is a type of memory that helps you achieve your immediate goals, such as remembering someone’s phone number or address that is just told to you. Due to this reason, a properly working short term memory has an undeniable importance in life.

9 Medical Reasons Your Short-Term Memory Is Getting Worse

However, some people can experience a slow or abrupt decline in this memory. There can be various reasons for this. Here are nine top reasons for weak short-term memory.

You are not Sleeping Properly

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Sleep is as vital for your body as food is. It refreshes your brain. You need six to eight hours of sound sleep to allow proper brain function. When you are sleep deprived or having interrupted sleep, your brain cannot work to its full capacity. This also leads to memory problems.

Depression can be a Reason

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Depression has widespread negative impacts on your life. It causes not only mental problems but also has physical implications. Memory problems are one of the manifestations of this condition. People with depression tend to forget things more quickly and frequently.

It is the Side Effect of Some Medication

Side Effect of Some Medication

All medicines come with some side effects. Some are unnoticeable, while others can bother you. Memory problems can also be a drug side effect. It is especially true for drugs like cholesterol pill, blood pressure medication, and sleeping pills.

You are Smoking Up Regularly

side effects marijuana

Marijuana might have some medical benefits, but it is not free of harm either. Like any other drug, it also comes with some side effects. Memory impairment is one of the problems associated with marijuana use. It contains a toxic substance that can affect memory.

You have Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin B, especially vitamin B1 and B12, is important for our brain health. When your diet is deficient in vitamins or your body cannot absorb them, you start facing the problem like short-term memory weakness. It can be overcome by fulfilling vitamin needs.

It can be Due to Aging

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Aging is not just wrinkles and tiredness; all your organs age as your age. When your brain ages, it slows down. A slow brain finds it difficult to retain many small pieces of information. This is why older individuals have weaker memories.

You Have a Sedentary Lifestyle

Don’t Exercise sedentary

The importance of an active lifestyle cannot be stressed enough. It is important for your physical and mental well-being. When you exercise, the blood flow towards your brain increases boosting its function. It is the opposite of a sedentary lifestyle. A sluggish brain without enough oxygen tends to forget things.

It can be a Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor

A brain tumor can involve different parts of the brain. When it is in the temporal lobe, it affects memory the most. There are other symptoms like headaches and body weakness as well. If you face these symptoms, then see a doctor as soon as possible and get a CT scan done.

You are Anxious and Stressed


Stress and anxiety make it harder for you to concentrate and retain any new information. This is why you face short-term memory issues when stressed or anxious. Loosen up! Seek professional help and perform yoga.

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