Nearly Everyone Forgets To Wash THIS Item Of Clothing And It Can Make You Sick!

Nearly Everyone Forgets To Wash THIS Item Of Clothing And It Can Make You Sick!

When winter begins to approach, you take out your mittens, boots, winter hat, and boots, and scarf to keep warm. You will have your winter coat ready and may even have it dry cleaned. And you may even want to go and enjoy some games of winter sports which is why you want to get your winter gear all ready. This way you can stay outdoors and keep as warm or comfortable as you can. You want to enjoy your ski or snowboarding activities so that way you will have to be physically comfortable to do that.

Therefore, since winter sticks around for months, you will be creating a new routine of putting on your boots, scarf, hat, winter coat, and gloves or mittens before heading out that door – not necessarily in that order. And you keep your winter gear all in one area near the front door in your home. Now, the question is, do you ever take the time to wash any of your winter clothing other than wiping down your boots so they don’t bring in mud and dirty water from the melting snow from the outside? There is a good chance that you don’t. Why would you? Well, there is one piece of winter gear that you must get into the habit of washing, or else it can make you very sick – and if it has not made you sick yet, it is a miracle. That is your scarf.

Why Do You Need To Wash Your Scarf?

Your scarf is one piece of clothing that you likely do not wash at all because you likely keep it at the area near the front door with your other winter gear pieces. The other winter gear pieces are not as critical to wash other than your boots for obvious reasons. However, your scarf must be washed at least once a week. That is because you are passing bacteria and viruses to your scarf as you put it over your chin to keep your neck warm. And the ironic thing is that you would think that the scarf would protect you from getting a cold or pneumonia. However, your scarf is the one thing that is passing down viruses that can cause all of that.

Chances are those strange cases of flu and colds that you have had over the years were not from you being outside in the cold. There is a chance that you had caught it from indoor places as people congregate in stores or supermarkets, or at holiday parties. However, there is a greater chance that you caught those illnesses from the scarf that you keep wearing that you do not wash.

And if you don’t wash your scarf, you will end up with a nasty accumulation of bugs, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that you would not want in contact with your face. This is a significant eye-opener and that is why you will want to start washing your scarf at least once a week to keep it clean.

How Do You Wash Your Scarf?

Washing your scarf is very easy. All you need to do is to take a bucket, and then pour it with lukewarm water, and add several drops of baby shampoo which will turn the water soapy. That way, your scarf will be cleaned in a gentle manner and this form of washing will ensure that your scarf remains in great condition. Allow it to stick in the soapy water for 10 minutes before you take the next step.

The next step is to fill up a tub of cold water, or take another bucket and fill it with cold water. Put the scarf in it so the soap comes out. Once you do not find traces of soap left in the scarf, then gently squeeze the scarf out and then place it somewhere to dry. It will dry within hours or at the very most, overnight. Therefore, you will want to wash your scarf late at night or after you are done with heading out for the day.

Now you know that the one piece of clothing that you never wash can make you very sick which is your scarf. Make it part of your routine during the winter to wash your scarf at least once a week so you stay healthy.

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