Never Ignore These Early Warning Signs of Liver Disease

Your liver is your body’s powerhouse to filter out toxins, for digestion, for fighting infections, as well as storing energy. And you may have been told that if your liver experiences some damage, it can regenerate, which is true. But that only happens up to a point. And you have heard as well that if your liver is not functioning properly, you experience jaundice, a swollen abdomen, difficulty with stopping bleeding from happening, and nausea. Those are all true.

Never Ignore These Early Warning Signs of Liver Disease

However, those symptoms are not early signs that your liver is not functioning properly. The early signs can easily be missed. However, if you do pay attention to these early signs and symptoms that your liver is not healthy, then you can prevent it from escalating. Let’s go over those early symptoms and signs that your liver isn’t well.

Irregular Sleep

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Insomnia or irregular sleep can be caused by many factors. But there is also a good chance that your liver is not functioning properly if you fall asleep at irregular times and wake up throughout the night, and you have a need for a nap during the day.

Poor Or Fluctuating Energy Levels

Your liver stores energy and you will find that your energy levels are low or fluctuating when your liver is not healthy. A healthy liver will support higher energy levels throughout the day until it is time for you to rest, and it is also normal to take rests throughout the day as well. But if your energy is low, but at other times higher, and low quickly again, this is a sign your liver is in trouble.

Skin Conditions


Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, or itching can result from many factors. However, if this is constant even with treatments, then your liver could be in trouble. Your immune response is poor which has everything to do with your liver’s health. That is the cause of these skin conditions.

You Have Intense Hangovers After Small Amounts Of Alcohol

Headaches That Worsen

If you have one small glass of wine, you would be well enough to drive even though even then it is not recommended to do so. In fact, it is not recommended to drive even after one drink no matter how well you hold your liquor. However, you should not be experiencing a massive hangover either after one glass of wine. But if you do, then that is a sure sign your liver is not coping and functioning properly.

You Have An Extreme Reaction From Caffeine

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If you drink one cup of coffee, you will wake up and be alert for a while. But eventually, the caffeine leaves your system, and you need to rest. However, if you have one cup of coffee and you are having an extreme impact from the caffeine such as agitation, hyperawareness, uncontrollable fidgeting, and headaches, then your liver isn’t processing it properly.

Severe Reactions From Side Effects To Common Medications

All medications cause side effects of some kind but it is uncommon for them to be severe and long-lasting. But if you are experiencing side effects from common medications to the point that you have to see your doctor about it all of the time, you will need to have your liver enzymes checked. If you experience side effects to the extreme, your liver is not filtering out your medication as well as it should.

Flushing From Torso Up To The Head

Flushing happens when there is excessive blood flow and your liver will help regulate it if it gets out of hand. However, if it is excessive and it’s happening from the torso up to your head, then your liver is not controlling it as well as it should which means it is not functioning properly.

Yellow Tint On Your Eyes And Skin

Gilbert Syndrome

Jaundice is a sign that your liver is in trouble but you may think of extreme yellowing of the eyes and skin. If there is a small discoloration it can also be indicative of bilirubin buildup even if it is mild. That is a sign that the liver is overwhelmed.

Bruising and bleeding

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If you find that you bruise or bleed easily after being injured, this might be a sign that your liver is not healthy. The proteins you need to clot your blood are no longer being produced in sufficient amounts.

Constant Itching


If you are constantly itching anywhere on your body and having the need to scratch, then it is a sign your liver is not functioning either. The bilirubin building up causes itching as well as a yellow tint and that is the cause.

If you are having any of these signs, keep an eye on it. And it is safest to go to the doctor to make sure it is nothing serious. Your liver enzymes may even come back normal but don’t take that a sign your liver is fine. If these signs continue, be your own advocate.

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