New Data Indicates That People With This Name Are The Clumsiest

What is in a name? A lot of things, as numerologists would agree with that as names have vibrations based on their letters. That is why you may see some who have the same name act in a certain way. Is that a coincidence? It is difficult to know because numerologists would say that is not at all the case. So what about a name that means you will act in a certain way, or have some attributes about yourself that you don’t like such as tripping, falling, spilling coffee, spilling meals, there are names that mean you could end up becoming the worst part of wait staff because you are so clumsy.

New Data Indicates That People With This Name Are The Clumsiest

That is right. data has shown as a personal injury law firm did some research on the names of those who have been known to be incredibly clumsy. Did your name make it on the list? And if so, do you resonate? Let’s now talk about those names!

Those Names Joshua And Angela Are Incredibly Clumsy

According to the GJEL Accident Attorneys in the USA, their investigation has shown that those who are named Joshua and Angela are the most accident-prone. How is that the case? That is because those with those names have been the ones to submit personal injury claims. That is because they would slip and fall at home, at work, and in public places. However, car accidents were omitted from the research.

Why is it that those who have those particular names are the clumsiest? There must be a numerological reason for it, but it does not matter because the data shows those are the names of those who are most likely to get into some kind of accident. And the mystery is still there. However, is it likely that Joshua is more clumsy than Angela? Let’s find out.

Yes, Joshua May Be Clumsier Than Angela

That is because men are clumsier than women, by nearly a third which is shown by the new data. That is because men have filed more often than women when it came to filing for personal injury claims. However, on the flip side, women are more likely to slip and fall at work than men. The average settlement as well when it comes to compensation for personal injuries is about $100,000 so that means Joshua and Angela are good at making it known that they need that compensation!

Are Joshua And Angela The Only Accident-Prone Names?

Angela and Joshua seem to be the names of those who are the most accident-prone. However, at the same time, they are not the only names that are associated with being accident-prone. The names that have the association with tripping, falling, and slipping, are Eric, Brian, Noah, and Christopher for men. Women who have the names Helen, Daisy, Karen, and Louisa are the one who is also known to be accident-prone which is what the studies from the law firm had found.

Can You Have Any Of Those Names And Not Have Had One Single Accident?

Sure, you can have those names and not be accident-prone at all, but the data shows that those who have those names are the ones who commonly submit personal injury claims which is why it was found that those who have those names are accident-prone. Aside from that, there are around 35 million visits to the ER for injuries yearly, and since the medical staff has to keep the names of patients confidential, based on what data shows by the law firm, it is not hard to imagine the medical staff rolling their eyes when another Joshua or Angela come in for treatment!

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