Nine Foods That Reduce Stress Levels

The next time you feel nervous, under pressure or too stressful, make up a meal of the next few foods, which, in a very short time will help you get back to normal.

9 – Spinach

The deficiency of magnesium can cause migraine headaches and a sense of fatigue. One bowl of spinach gives you 40% of the daily requirement of your body for magnesium.

8 – Sweet potatoes

They can be helpful in reducing the stress because they satisfy your needs for carbohydrates and sugar. They are also made up of beta-carotene and some other vitamins that will help to your body to process the carbohydrates slowly and at a constant pace.

7 – Salmon

The food rich in omega 3 fatty acids protects you from the heart disease. A new study has shown that it is very effective in keeping stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline at a normal level.

6 – Avocado

The mono-saturated fats and avocado potassium reduce the blood pressure. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) published a study in which the best way to reduce the blood pressure is to consume enough potassium (in avocados there are more than in the bananas).

5 – Green Vegetables

Broccoli and other dark green vegetables are rich in many vitamins, which greatly help your body during some stressful situations.

4 – Dried Peaches

They are filled with magnesium, which reduces the stress and simultaneously relaxes your muscles in a natural way.

3 – Almonds, pistachios, and walnuts

Almonds contain vitamin B and vitamin E that improve your immune system, and the pistachios and walnuts help to lower your blood pressure.

2 – Oranges

A German study in the field of psychopharmacology has shown that vitamin C relieves the stress and restores the blood pressure and cortisol to the normal levels after a stressful situation. The vitamin C is also good for improving the immune system.

1 – Turkey meat

This meat contains amino acids called L-tryptophan, which encourages the release of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that causes us to feel good. Because of this, many people after eating turkey meat declared that they feel relaxed, even they are tired. It has also been documented that L-tryptophan has a very calming effect.

Other tips for stress reduction:

Practice regularly, drink an energy shake for breakfast, eat smaller meals throughout the day, which will help you to maintain the blood sugar levels.

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