One In Four People Prefer To Share Their Beds With Their Dogs Over Their Partners Study Shows

One In Four People Prefer To Share Their Beds With Their Dogs Over Their Partners Study Shows

There is no doubt that you love your significant other. However, let’s be honest. When it comes to sharing your bed with your partner, you are going to deal with plenty of interruptions from snoring, them having to get up in the night to use the bathroom, tossing and turning, and that causes you to lose plenty of sleep. That is why so many married couples actually have their own bedrooms or find space to sleep in if they don’t have enough bedrooms, especially if they have kids still living at home. Since so many married couples do not like sharing their room, studies have shown that one in four adult dog owners much prefer to sleep with their dog than with their partner.

Why Do So Many Adult Dog Owners Prefer To Sleep With Their Pups Rather Than Their Partners?

The study indicated that around 24 percent of those who participated in it had a preference to sleep next to their dog rather than their partner. And the main reason for that was because the dog at least does not snore the same way as their partner does. The generation that is more likely to sleep next to their pups is Generation X. And there is a benefit as to why it is a good idea to sleep with your pup and that helps you bond with them better. Now, you know your dog is cuddly and affectionate. But what is the reason that makes sleeping with the dog easier than the partner?

What Makes Sleeping With The Dog Easier Than The Partner?

Based on the studies conducted, it was found by the participants that dogs do not snore, unlike their partners. Other things that make sleeping next to the pup more appealing are that when they sleep with their partner, there is a lack of space. Additionally, the movement from the partner is disturbing, and also the increase of temperature, sheet-stealing, as well as the partner talking in their sleep. The only thing when it comes to sleeping with the dog is that they can let out some flatulence though so can the partner. But at least the dog does not steal the blanket and even more around too much. Therefore, dogs do not disturb your sleep as much as your partner can.

What Are The Advantages Of Sleeping With The Dog?

The benefits of sleeping with the dog involve you developing a stronger bond with them, and the other thing there is a feeling of security when your dog is in the same bed. Additionally, the feeling of loneliness is decreased. Sure, you will not be lonely when you sleep next to your partner. But snoring, blanket-stealing, sleep-talking, going to the bathroom in the night, and so on will make you dislike your partner because of them disrupting your sleep. That will create some very harsh feelings. It is fine to sleep with your dog, but there are some tips to utilize when you do.

Tips For Sleeping Next To Your Dog

The first thing you want to do is ensure that they go potty before going into bed with you because that way, there is less of a chance that they will have an accident. You also will want to get a protector as well for the mattress. And you will want to ensure that your dog gets a walk as well or else your pooch may be restless in the night which defeats the purpose. You also want to ensure that you keep your dog above the covers near the bottom of the mattress as it is the most hygienic for you and that you have your own sleep space. You will want to ensure you stay on top of your pooch’s medications such as heartworm so they do not invade your space.

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