9 Paprika Benefits That Will Make You Want To Work The Peppery Spice Into All Your Savory Dishes

Chances are you have a bottle of paprika in your pantry. It’s one of those spices that spawn in the back of all our dried herbs and spices, but we never use it.

We’re not using paprika enough, and that’s a shame because the red, spicy powder is not only a flavor booster but great for your health. Here are 9 paprika benefits that will make you want to work the peppery spice into all your savory dishes, so let’s get started!

Stops premature aging

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Paprika has large amounts of beta-carotene too, which becomes vitamin A in our bodies. This essential vitamin helps you maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free skin but also protects your overall tissue health. Vitamin A helps you have resistant skin, healthy bones, and it can even protect you at a cellular level against oxidation.

Everything from better blood circulation to skin elasticity to controlled melanin, paprika might substitute some of your beauty products someday.

Too Much Potassium

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